Friday, May 31, 2013

Mustache Man...

Every little Child needs their
Daddy's have an entirely different way of
playing with kids than
mommy's do.
Daddy's get kids wild,
they have chases,
pillow fights,
tickle monsters...
they get wild and crazy.
Our kids laugh till they get hiccups
when they are playing with Daddy!
One evening Daddy grabbed James
and an orange marker,
and pretended to be a
tattoo artist giving James an orange mustache!
He even completed the moment by making the loud
"Zzzzzz" of the tattoo machine.
And James squirmed and giggled the
whole time!
 James loves the idea of facial hair...
I'm sure James will never want to shave when he is older!
 The next day we found James and his
little friend, Braylon
colouring mustaches on each other!
Fun memories!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Littlest Cowgirl...

A few weeks ago,
James found Jon's old cowboy hat in the garage...
sometimes he thinks his little
sister should
take a turn being a little cowgirl...
 This little cowgirl hasn't been too happy this week...
she is working on more teeth!
She has eye teeth and molars yet to get,
then she will have all her teeth!
Pretty amazing since she is just
7 months old!
My kids just don't like being baby's for long!
 Last week this little cowgirl
learned how to pull herself up to the
standing position
on furniture!!
I am SO not ready for that...
so I am pretty quick to take her down as
soon as she gets up!
She is getting too big...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother's Day...

Elsie and James were so excited
for Mother's Day this year.
They made all the plans then
talked to Daddy
and had him help them figure it all out.
The day before
Mothers Day I took the entire afternoon
and went shopping with
Angelina and my sister, Ceara...
So the kids and Jon worked on their plans...
Their first plan was
making a cake.
And leave it Elsie,
she had a specific cake in mind she wanted to make.
And Daddy was happy to help her.
I didn't get a picture of it though on my camera.
Next on the plan were gifts.
Daddy brought the kids to the store,
and they chose well.
They know I love all things girly...
so Elsie chose new fingernail polish
and James chose Lipstick.
They even got my favorite brand and colour of
we had a fun and laid back mother's day...
We walked to church,
visited with my mom,
brought Jon's mom some cake,
enjoyed some family time...
and ended the day with a
campfire and snacks at my sister's house.
It was a good day.

A little side note I wanted to add
because it's too cute not to remember...
the kids were so excited about the little gifts they
picked out to give me,
that after they wrapped them up,
they hid them so I wouldn't find them.
James was so excited he kept hiding then
re-hiding his gift.
In the end, he hid it so well
and so many times,
no one could find it!
They next day the kids found the gift
stashed away in the closet,
behind all the dresses hanging up!
He is too darn funny!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My perfectly mellow baby is getting
a back bone and an opinion!
She can certainly voice her concern when things
aren't quite right!
Now that she is mobile,
she loves to find little things on the floor...
Like Lego's are no longer
played with in the living room!
 If you take a toy away
{or if she simply drops it}
she will let you know that she is pretty ticked!
 Life is just no fair sometimes!
She was trying her hardest to crawl over to the Lego's...
and we kept moving her away and
taking the Lego's away.
Poor girl!
{Prior to this day we didn't know she was
quite so we now have a strict
"no little toys in the living room" rule...
and a
"no food in the living room" rule too...
baby is just too fast!}

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meeting Gracie...

A few weeks ago we took a little family
day trip to the
Mall of America!
The purpose of the trip to get summer
clothes for all 3 kids...
they had grown so much since last summer
that they had nothing!
The other reason for our trip was to
visit the
America Girl store!
Elsie has always drooled over the
AG magazines that come in the mail.
One day she picked out her
'dream doll'
a Bitty Baby with light skin and red hair...
and she decided to save
her money till she had enough to buy it!
She saved her birthday money,
she did little chores around the house to earn money,
she even helped Grandma B.
with some chores to earn money.
She kept her money in a glass jar and
counted it quite often!
Soon she saved up more than enough...
and all we heard was
"when can we go!?"
 For at least the entire week before we
went to the MOA,
Elsie packed and re-packed a little
diaper bag for her baby.
Jon said she just as excited to bring her
dolly home,
as we were to bring Angelina home from the
 When we got to the store,
Elsie marched right over to the
Bitty Baby section and
grabbed the correct doll!
She was SO excited!
And Daddy spoiled her a little more
and even bought her a special little outfit
for her dolly!
She named her dolly
Gracie Elizabeth.
And for the next couple hours after buying her doll,
we shopped at the mall
and she wore her baby in her little sling.
No doubt in my mind that
this little lady will be one awesome mama someday!
 After she shopped till we about dropped,
we headed for home again.
Well, I'm sure
Elsie, Angelina and I would've shopped more
{I am terribly spoiled by girls who love to shop!}
but, James and Daddy were done!
 Jon was very patient with his
He knows Girls just need to shop...
with 2 daughters,
he better get used to it!
I'm sure he cringed though when he saw
just many shopping bags we had
stashed in the stroller!
 I think
Jon an I do this same
self-portrait every time we go somewhere...
 I get bored.
I'm not a good passenger.
I prefer to drive.
So does Jon.
He wins every. single. time!
 James isn't exactly what you would call
a good passenger either!
He is pretty much the complete opposite of good!
The girls do great in the car though.
Angelina is amazing.
She pretty much sleeps,
whether she is tired or not,
she just dozes.
We have a 4+ car trip planned
later this week though,
so maybe I shouldn't get quiet so sure of myself!
 Elsie just played with
Little Gracie the whole way home.
She has had the doll now for over a month...
and she never leaves the house
without it..
she sleeps with the doll every night...
I love it.
I will be sad when she gets too old for dolls!
A fun
Family day...

Monday, May 20, 2013


A guess I needed a week long
blogging break!
I was feeling overwhelmed with
not being able to keep up with everything...
baby was teething,
no time to cook descent meals,
baskets of clean laundry waiting to be folded were piling up,
I was snappy with the kids
and had little patients.
So blogging was on the back burner.
After a fun family weekend,
beautiful weather,
a daddy who kept the kids busy
while I got everything back on track,
I am feeling much more on top of things again!
And baby now has 5 teeth
and is back to some lovely 2 hour naps!
And I pre-cooked food for baby,
a menu for the week,
and the laundry is all clean, folded and put away.
I think it's going to be a good week!

 Sometimes I need to remember
it's okay to
not always be on top of things...
its okay if my plans fall apart.
A basket of un-folded laundry isn't the end of the world.
A bag of store bought meatballs and a can of beans
for dinner is okay...
the kids will survive!
 I need to slow down and remember
my kids wont remember
those little details anyhow.
They will remember the little moments.
The little things we do together.
How I make them feel.
The simple things in life.
The laughter.
The fun.
 I guess creating warm fuzzies
is far more important than the perfect meal,
and a perfect house.
Cherish the little moments...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sleepy Time...

I have always loved
to rock babies to sleep...
even when I was a nanny,
I rocked the babies to sleep.
I've rocked our babies to sleep.
I rocked our foster baby to sleep.
Then along comes Angelina...
if she doesn't fall asleep while nursing,
she squirms in my arms until  I lay her down
on the bed and cover her up.
She scoots around and finds
her cozy little place,
then falls asleep.
By herself.
Without me rocking her!
Sad, sad, sad!
Sometimes if she is busy playing
and I don't put her down for a nap at
her regular time,
She will just fall asleep on the floor.
Our kids have always been awesome
night time sleepers,
but never ever have they been great nappers!
So Angelina
is kinda throwing me for a loop.
I'm sure her love of napping will come to end soon...
so I better enjoy it while it lasts!

Peaceful little lady...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Pizza with the Aunties
{and Grammie}
on a cold and rainy afternoon...

They even got soda!
What a special treat...

Gluten free pizza...
{with no cheese}
pepperoni and deluxe...
yum and double yum!
Since these pictures were taken,
this pizza shop closed its doors...
and relocate...
in our own little town!
And its even within walking distance to our house!
I have a funny feeling
a lot of
Pizzas may be in our future!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sitting Up...

This little one of mine,
seems to be growing and changing
by leaps and bounds lately...
she now sits up
unassisted and plays by herself now!
And she is SO close to crawling
that I am getting scared!
And she picks up little finger goods
like rice or bread
off her tray and feeds herself!
And she can walk across the yard holding onto
our fingers!
James grew up so fast,
I swear he practically skipped being a baby...
so I was kinda hoping
Angelina would be happy to be
my baby for a long time...
but she is growing up fast!

Slow down,
baby girl...
no need to rush...
I kinda want to just rock and cuddle with you
a little longer!

* My blog might be pretty quiet for the next few weeks.
I am working on goals and am pretty excited!
I will try to do some pre-written posts or
wordless posts.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The End of Winter...

I think maybe,
just maybe...
spring is here to stay this time.
So with any luck,
this will be the last of the snow pictures
until next winter.
The last snow storm was a doozie...
we were "blessed" with about
13" of snow...
in the middle of April...
that's crazy, even for Minnesota!
Today people are still out ice-fishing...
and fishing opener is just a few weeks away!
Crazy weather this spring!
The last big snow storm did leave behind
some perfect
snowman building weather though!
Jon and Elsie made a
cute little snow man together...
and since we were all out of long carrots,
they used a banana!
{and strawberries for eyes under the shades!}
 Elsie was pretty proud of her snowman.
She came inside and got the camera...
and took about 15 pictures
from the same angle of the unmoving snowman!
And Jon took one of
she and snowman together.
Too cute.
What a fun memory.
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