Monday, March 17, 2014

Daddy and his Babies...

My kids are kinda spoiled...
They have the best Daddy around...
a daddy who loves to play with them,
read storybooks,
bake treats,
take on adventures,
have wrestling matches 
and tickle wars with...
basically pretty much amazing!
Friday's are the best days around our house...
they wait all day for Daddy to finally come home.
Then when we see him pull up to the garage,
the kids go wild...
especially James and Angelina!
Angelina is a major Daddy's girl...
And daddy loves that!
Angelina loves to cuddle with daddy...
some nights she even sleeps all cuddled into
the crook of his arm...
and it melts my heart every single time!

my kids have a pretty amazing daddy as their Hero!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Kinda In Love...

"I belong to you,
You belong to Me...
You're my sweetheart"

I love us.
{Even though we act like dorks 90% of the time!}
We are a team.
                               This is our happily ever after,
and its pretty darn perfect.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brother + Sister Love

These two...
Best of friends...
worst of enemy's.
They giggle,
they yell,
they tease,
they tickle...
they harass,
they drive each other bonkers,
yet cant go more than a few hours apart!

I love watching these two together...
When Elsie was little, it was 
a huge fear of mine that Elsie would never have 
a little brother or sister...
so now that these two are old enough to really
play together and have little conversations,
it warms my heart in a 
way I can never describe...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elsie Jane

Elsie has become so grown up lately...
its fun that I can talk to her 
in a whole new level...
but a little sad that she isn't my 
little girl anymore!
It is fun and interesting to see her grow and 
watch her personality develop...
she is a very special girl.
So far Elsie has lost 
2 bottom teeth!
And the top ones are loose now too!
She was very worried about the first tooth falling out...
she let it get so loose on its own that 
it came out while she was eating a pickle!
The next tooth was dangling and it was bedtime...
so rather than have risk her swallowing in her sleep,
I pulled it out for her!
{never thought I could do it}
In the end the tooth fairy made Elsie a few
dollars richer...
with glittery money!
In October Elsie started Kindergarten...
she is a good student and a fast learner.
Math is her favorite...
she can now add, read a clock, count by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's
and count money and make some change.
She is very bored in phonics.
She was reading Bob books well before starting 
school, so she is a little frustrated to be going so slow.
She is now reading 4 and 5 letter words,
knows a whole slew of sight words,
punctuation, sentence formation...
but she is ready to move on to harder blends now!
This winter has not been easy on Elsie...
after breaking her nose at Christmas,
she developed a severe concussion and whip lash 
from hitting her head so hard on the frozen side walk...
so she had 2x a week chiropractor visits,
Dr visits, x-rays, massages...
and she hated it all.
The concussion made her have some migraines...
lack of focus, dizzy spells.
Not fun at all.
We had to go in a darkened room with no noise
so she could just focus on school...
even then she could only handle 15min at a time.
She only wanted to lay on the rocker and zone out.
She even stopped caring about her
clothes, which is very odd!
The Chiropractor told us to prepare for a full year 
for a complete recovery.
It was the hardest thing ever to see her like that.
Thankfully, she is now almost back to her normal self!
If she has lots of activity,
her mind cant calm down,
but we are so,so thankful she is well again!
Now that the worst of the concussion is past,
she can join kick-boxing again!
She loves kick-boxing far more than I ever though she would!
Her dream is to have a punch bag in the house 
so she can do lots of practicing!
Every Thursday is her class...
so she looks forward to Thursdays!
Elsie is still my very crafty girl...
Give this girl a box of coloured pencils and 
a note book,
and you probably wont hear from her for hours!
This winter Elsie has expanded her crafting to
sewing too...
and knitting on the loom and pom-pom making.
This girl never has idle hands!
Elsie has suddenly become so mature and helpful...
She is getting to be so big!
Elsie loves, loves, loves being a big sister...
and she is so amazing at...
she has so much patients with them.
Every morning its Elsie's job to pick out clothes and 
get Angelina dressed...
then she helps James pick out his clothes.
She takes her job very seriously.
I love watching how tender and gentle she is.
I don't know how we got so lucky to have 
such an amazing girl...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Little Man, James Hawthorne

My little guy.
He is a cool little guy...
with such a mind of his own!
James exasperates me most days.
I constantly have to be a step ahead of this boy...
he is darn good at wearing me out!
He is a thinker...
and he always has a plan.
His new love is 
Robots and Spaceships.
He quite often talks like a robot...
and it cracks us up every single time!
His other love is little trucks...
he loves heavy equipment trucks...
He lines all his little trucks up in 
several long lines throughout the living room!
James recently has started speech therapy...
he has a few issues with the way he 
pronounces some of his words...
so are doing private therapy and with a specialized 
plan, he should only need speech for 3 months!
The therapist assures me is 
James is extremely well behaved,
and very brilliant...
He language tested out at about an 11 year old!
Made me feel pretty proud! 
James says he has to learn to talk right so 
he can play Hockey next year and 
Good to have a plan, I guess!
James is such a guy already!
Every single day,
whether we have freshly fallen snow or not,
He has to go outside and shovel!
Every time we are getting ready to go somewhere,
James gets ready first so he can shovel a path to the 
garage for us...
and he always holds the door open because 
"that's a boy job!"
He is very into "boy things" and "boy time"...
by the time Wednesday rolls around,
He is begging to go see 
Papa Wayne or Uncle Colter for 
some much needed boy time!
People say boys are so easy when it comes to clothes...
not with this boy!
He only likes Jeans and camo pants...
he refuses all button down shirts...
fluorescent t-shirts are his tops of choice.
Most days it is quite clear he has his 
fathers awesome fashion sense!
Suddenly James has decided he no longer likes
bedtimes kisses!
He requests a hug and a tight handshake...
it doesn't crush me too much because he loves to 
stand under the kissing ball above our bed and 
yell for kisses quite often!
He is still a cuddle bug guy...
he always loves to curl up in my lap and 
asks me,
"know how much I love you today?"
when I ask how much he responds with...
"All way round the world and back, even to 
Timbuktu in Africa!"
He kinda knows how to melt my heart!
My perfect little guy 
with a mind of his own...
Part of me never wants him to grow up...
he perfect...
But he assures me its almost his Birthday
{in july}
then he will be 4.
{sniff, sniff...}

Monday, March 3, 2014

Angelina Viviana

My tiny little spit-fire girl.
The sweetest little thing...
and a wild little thing
all rolled into one...
Angelina is now 16 months old...
but only as tall as her brother was at 10 months old...
And she weighs about as much as her 6mo old cousin!
She may be small,
boy is she fierce!
She can reduce both her brother and sister to 
tears by pulling hair or 
whacking them over the head with a toy.
She then smiles an adorable smile...
because girl knows how to work her charm!
of course with that fierce side,
she has the sweetest side too.
She is the worlds best little mama to all her dolls...
she feeds them bottles and whatever 
she is eating.
She brings her babies on stroller walks.
She picks up her baby and says,
"mama, mama!"
It melts my heart every single time!
First thing in the morning she runs to the jewelery hooks 
and puts several necklaces on...
and a crown
and sunglasses
and a little purse 
and some bracelets.
I think she kinda loves to accessorise!
I think Elsie and I love that about her!
Angelina's favorite toy 
is her brothers 
Dump Truck!
She pushes that dump truck all over the house...
usually with her doll in the back of it!
Angelina isn't too into talking yet...
just the basic mama and dada...
and an occasional Hi.
She doesn't really need to talk
because her brother and sister are always right there to 
take care of her every need 
before she even needs to think about talking!
And Girl is a climber!
She gets up on the chairs and couch and bed
all by herself...
Her favorite spot to sit is on top of the 
dining room table...
the only "safe" place for now 
is the kitchen counters!
she has now figured out how to lug the little 
chairs around to reach higher places.
 I always find her standing on a little chair
in the kitchen 
with the silverware drawers open and 
all the silverware on the floor.
Angelina's obsession has been my phone for the longest time...
she is very, very possessive over it.
Every single time the phone rings or makes 
a notification sound, she looks up at us and says,
"ooooh" and insists we look at it.
She also quite frequently insists on listening to 
Pandora on the phone...
she likes rocky songs...
she cries and pushes us the phone when 
Taylor Swift comes on so was can change the station!
She always gets excited when 
Selina Gomez or Justin Bieber comes on.
Elsie is trying to get through to her 
that we are not a fan of 
Justin Bieber!
My little spit-fire girl...
                                    Perfect in every way...

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