Monday, March 3, 2014

Angelina Viviana

My tiny little spit-fire girl.
The sweetest little thing...
and a wild little thing
all rolled into one...
Angelina is now 16 months old...
but only as tall as her brother was at 10 months old...
And she weighs about as much as her 6mo old cousin!
She may be small,
boy is she fierce!
She can reduce both her brother and sister to 
tears by pulling hair or 
whacking them over the head with a toy.
She then smiles an adorable smile...
because girl knows how to work her charm!
of course with that fierce side,
she has the sweetest side too.
She is the worlds best little mama to all her dolls...
she feeds them bottles and whatever 
she is eating.
She brings her babies on stroller walks.
She picks up her baby and says,
"mama, mama!"
It melts my heart every single time!
First thing in the morning she runs to the jewelery hooks 
and puts several necklaces on...
and a crown
and sunglasses
and a little purse 
and some bracelets.
I think she kinda loves to accessorise!
I think Elsie and I love that about her!
Angelina's favorite toy 
is her brothers 
Dump Truck!
She pushes that dump truck all over the house...
usually with her doll in the back of it!
Angelina isn't too into talking yet...
just the basic mama and dada...
and an occasional Hi.
She doesn't really need to talk
because her brother and sister are always right there to 
take care of her every need 
before she even needs to think about talking!
And Girl is a climber!
She gets up on the chairs and couch and bed
all by herself...
Her favorite spot to sit is on top of the 
dining room table...
the only "safe" place for now 
is the kitchen counters!
she has now figured out how to lug the little 
chairs around to reach higher places.
 I always find her standing on a little chair
in the kitchen 
with the silverware drawers open and 
all the silverware on the floor.
Angelina's obsession has been my phone for the longest time...
she is very, very possessive over it.
Every single time the phone rings or makes 
a notification sound, she looks up at us and says,
"ooooh" and insists we look at it.
She also quite frequently insists on listening to 
Pandora on the phone...
she likes rocky songs...
she cries and pushes us the phone when 
Taylor Swift comes on so was can change the station!
She always gets excited when 
Selina Gomez or Justin Bieber comes on.
Elsie is trying to get through to her 
that we are not a fan of 
Justin Bieber!
My little spit-fire girl...
                                    Perfect in every way...

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