Thursday, March 6, 2014

Little Man, James Hawthorne

My little guy.
He is a cool little guy...
with such a mind of his own!
James exasperates me most days.
I constantly have to be a step ahead of this boy...
he is darn good at wearing me out!
He is a thinker...
and he always has a plan.
His new love is 
Robots and Spaceships.
He quite often talks like a robot...
and it cracks us up every single time!
His other love is little trucks...
he loves heavy equipment trucks...
He lines all his little trucks up in 
several long lines throughout the living room!
James recently has started speech therapy...
he has a few issues with the way he 
pronounces some of his words...
so are doing private therapy and with a specialized 
plan, he should only need speech for 3 months!
The therapist assures me is 
James is extremely well behaved,
and very brilliant...
He language tested out at about an 11 year old!
Made me feel pretty proud! 
James says he has to learn to talk right so 
he can play Hockey next year and 
Good to have a plan, I guess!
James is such a guy already!
Every single day,
whether we have freshly fallen snow or not,
He has to go outside and shovel!
Every time we are getting ready to go somewhere,
James gets ready first so he can shovel a path to the 
garage for us...
and he always holds the door open because 
"that's a boy job!"
He is very into "boy things" and "boy time"...
by the time Wednesday rolls around,
He is begging to go see 
Papa Wayne or Uncle Colter for 
some much needed boy time!
People say boys are so easy when it comes to clothes...
not with this boy!
He only likes Jeans and camo pants...
he refuses all button down shirts...
fluorescent t-shirts are his tops of choice.
Most days it is quite clear he has his 
fathers awesome fashion sense!
Suddenly James has decided he no longer likes
bedtimes kisses!
He requests a hug and a tight handshake...
it doesn't crush me too much because he loves to 
stand under the kissing ball above our bed and 
yell for kisses quite often!
He is still a cuddle bug guy...
he always loves to curl up in my lap and 
asks me,
"know how much I love you today?"
when I ask how much he responds with...
"All way round the world and back, even to 
Timbuktu in Africa!"
He kinda knows how to melt my heart!
My perfect little guy 
with a mind of his own...
Part of me never wants him to grow up...
he perfect...
But he assures me its almost his Birthday
{in july}
then he will be 4.
{sniff, sniff...}

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