Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Photo Dump...

Friday again...
This week flew by.
The last few weeks of summer have a tendency to do that!

1. That baby bump just keeps getting bigger and bigger...
and those kicks just keep getting stronger and stronger!
 2. My kids are pretty good at picking on each other...
but when it comes to bedtime, they need each other!
Love the way they cuddle...
 3. A little 4-wheeling fun!
I took this picture for the anon commenter on my last Friday Post.
Pictures don't tell the whole story.
 4. While Elsie was off playing at Auntie Ceara's house,
James was busy helping Papa Wayne.
His new favorite thing is the skid-loader!
 5. That growing bump again...
almost 31 weeks!
Baby will be here before we know it!
 6. I have no clue how Elsie did this tattoo on her own back!
Her name, upside down, mirror image.
She later chased her brother around with a pen in an
attempt to 'tattoo' a mustache on his face!
 7. Give a boy a stick and he thinks he owns the world!
Grammie will be happy to have her house back in a few weeks!
 8. James and I spend most of our days outside.'
I love when he needs to take a little break and crawls on my lap.
We take lots of self-portraits!
 9. Crazy face!
 10. The kids love it when I lug my chair down to the swingset/sandbox.
They get a little carried away on the glider...
they get going so high and so fast I can hardly look!
 11. It is amazing to me that James doesn't have
bugs in his tummy!
He doesn't see dirt at all.
See how filthy his fingers were as he happily ate a clementine!??
And yesterday he was walking around licking
rocks and bike tires...
don't ask why, because I haven't a clue!
 12. Now that I am on strict bedrest,
I find the kids obey for Daddy far better when I hide
all by myself in the bedroom!
I will say, I have never been so bored in all my life!
 13. James and Daddy...
wrestle/tickle time!
Both kids love to rough house with Daddy...
it's a high light of the week for them!
 14. Cuddle time with my girl...
Elsie is into refusing her picture taken again,
which explains why this post is pretty much just James!
 15. Have I mentioned before that we have a little boy in our house
who is 2!?
Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn
is all I will say!
 16. 'Driving' Papa Wayne's lawn mower!
This boy loves all things that 'go'!
 17. James dinner last night...
He thought a little of everything looked good...
and I am sure Grammie doesn't mind doing so many dishes!
I am attempting to link up with
Life Rearranged again...
{the last couple weeks I forget to join the link party!}

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Campfire Night...

A few weeks ago Auntie Ceara invited us
over for a Campfire!
This summer she has been a nanny for 2 little
girls who have become good
friends for Elsie...
so all the kids had a blast running around!
The kids kept busy dancing in the
beautiful sunset...
Our host...
the beloved Auntie Ceara!
My kids...especially James...
loves her!
Fun pictures...

Ceara supplied the Marshmallows
and we supplied the
super cool stereo system!
The kids little CD player works far better than you would think!
At least we blared
Katy Perry and Lady Gaga like there was no tomorrow!
{and maybe a little Justin Bieber much to Elsie's dismay!}
James is quite a little ladies man...
he loves Emma and Abby,
and they love him...
they kept busy pushing him around on his little
retro rocket!

James also kept busy making sure
we never ran out of wood for the fire!
Some of the pieces were too big for his little hands...
good thing Uncle Colter was near by to help him out!
The girls found it important to trek off into the woods
in search of sticks for the campfire...

The kids were so busy running around and dancing
that they almost forgot about the most important part of a campfire
Roasting the Marshmallows!
I love the way my kids roast marshmallows...
they carefully stick the marshmallows on the skewer,
search for the perfect place to roast them,
and roast them for about 10 seconds
before announcing they are perfectly done!
James enjoyed his fair share of the treats!

As dusk approached Ceara brought out the
All I need to say is,
Ceara knows how to provide a fun time
and the kids had a blast...
James was a wild man with the sparklers!
And he did burn one finger,
{and we didn't even know until the next day when we
saw the blister!}
The kids fell asleep very quickly that night...
and slept soundly all night long!
I think it's safe to say they had a good time!

Monday, August 27, 2012

"Look Mom!"

Some little boys bring their mother
rocks and sticks
Not mine...
James had been outside with Uncle Colter
They came in the house and Colter said,
"Hey, Shasta, James brought you something!"
That is a scary statement knowing those two were together!
I came out the entry room
and met James
Who was proudly holding a
dead Chipmunk
by the tail!
James is a rough kind of boy
who screams if a frog startles him,
doesn't like butterflies
and thunder makes him shake in fear...
But, I guess a
Dead Chipmunk
isn't icky or scary in the least!
He walked into the dining room and flopped
it on the table!
We did make him bring it back outside
and wash his hands...
well, I think he washed his hands.
{this happened a few weeks ago and he is
still alive, so it doesn't matter now if he did or not!}
On a side note,
don't ya just love his outfit!?
James loves picking out his own clothes now
and wearing pj pants as clothes
is quite vogue
{in his opinion anyhow!}
and the pj pants look best when paired with
work boots
racing jersey and
a john deere hoodie...
Love a boy with a pretty cool style and
a whole lotta personality going on!

Monday, August 20, 2012

29 Week Belly...

29 Weeks already!
The last trimester.
76 days until her due date!
according to the baby app on my phone, Angelina should be
17" long and
2.9 lbs. 
These next 11 weeks can speed on by,
in my opinion anyhow!
I am more than ready for Angelina to be born!
In the last few weeks, I have had lots of indigestion.
Not fun!
The old wives tale says indigestion means lots of hair...
time will tell!
In the last ultrasound, they didn't mention hair.
With both James and Elsie, we saw hair on the ultrasounds!
I have had no cravings really,
just easy to make foods for the kids!
Pregnancy insomnia has started!
That is almost as lovely as the indigestion!
I find myself so tired, yet unable to sleep...and naps are not an option of me!
I went to the Dr. again a few days ago.
A good apt again!
No strict bedrest {just bedrest}, no dilating and no medicine!
Yay, yay, yay!
 I have strict orders to go back to the hospital with increased contraction/pressure though.
I have high hopes of that not happening!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Photo Dump...

A peek into our week via phone pictures...

1. Last Friday evening the kids and I enjoyed a little campfire at Ceara's house.
And Daddy surprised us by coming home earlier than we thought!
2. We rocked out to some pretty good music of the fancy stereo system!
The music of choice was
Crazy Frog and Wedding music!
3. When it got dark, the kids did some sparklers!
James is wild with sparklers...
just like his daddy...
and he burnt his finger on the stick,
and we didn't know about it until we saw the blister
the next day!
Bad parents award, I know!
4. Elsie spent half the weekend glued to her
new Leapster.
At least she was sitting outside getting fresh air,
5. On Saturday we went to 3 garage sales in town.
And we found some
vintage hot rollers!
6. How could I possibly pass up such adorable
vintage rollers!?
And they were half off the marked price of
I was happy.
Jon might have rolled his eyes.
7. Jon and Elsie worked on cleaning up the
Flower garden last weekend.
It needed it.
I weeded it one time this whole summer,
so you can imagine how tall the weeds were!
Looks much better now.
Thank you, ya!
8. James found a pair of cowboy boots in his box of winter clothes.
He calls them, "Tows"
{Cows with a T!}
He looks do darn cute in them...
and so tall and grown up!
9. I have to give Jon grief.
He loves to play games on his phone.
It annoys me.
He becomes rather involved.
Like the house could catch fire, and he might not notice.
Though he gives he grief for being addicted to
We harass each other.
We call it our love language!
10. Elsie and Ceara made a special meal
Mini Taco Salads!
Elsie was the waitress and came with take our order!
She is at such a fun age!
11. Elsie and her special Mini Taco Salad!
They were yummy!
She has the makings of a great cook!
12. My reflection in the van window.
Because I am a dork like that who takes pictures of my own reflection.
Does that make me weird?
I hope not, I do it often!
13. Fishing with Papa Wayne...
Fun times!
14. My big baby belly,
a plate of watermelon and blueberries
computer time...
that is my evening most nights.
I live an exciting life don't be jealous.
15. James has been anti-nap.
We don't agree on it though, I think he needs one.
After no nap all week, not sleeping good at night due to being overly-tired,
I drove him around last night until he fell asleep.
And it was only 6:30.
He got into trouble on our car ride for
1. rolling down the window and throwing stuff out the window.
{I then locked the window}
2. Opening the door wide open as we drove down main street!
{I then put child safety lock on}
As you can tell, he was overly tired and rather
out of control!!
Today was a much, much better day!
16. Since James went to bed super early,
Elsie and I enjoyed some quiet time together.
We played Candy Land...
{and she won 3 out of 4 games!}
and I taught her Mancala!
She is a fast learner.
She won.
And I didn't even try to let her!
17. Today Elsie and Ceara put together a puzzle.
And one piece was missing.
Why does it seem like there is always one piece missing from every puzzle!?
18. James and mommy cuddle time!
In truth, I was keeping him in the bedroom with me
so I could rest my belly 
and keep James out of the kitchen while 
Elsie and Ceara made dinner!
Taking self- portraits works every time to keep this little guy happy! 
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