Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Photo Dump...

Friday again...
This week flew by.
The last few weeks of summer have a tendency to do that!

1. That baby bump just keeps getting bigger and bigger...
and those kicks just keep getting stronger and stronger!
 2. My kids are pretty good at picking on each other...
but when it comes to bedtime, they need each other!
Love the way they cuddle...
 3. A little 4-wheeling fun!
I took this picture for the anon commenter on my last Friday Post.
Pictures don't tell the whole story.
 4. While Elsie was off playing at Auntie Ceara's house,
James was busy helping Papa Wayne.
His new favorite thing is the skid-loader!
 5. That growing bump again...
almost 31 weeks!
Baby will be here before we know it!
 6. I have no clue how Elsie did this tattoo on her own back!
Her name, upside down, mirror image.
She later chased her brother around with a pen in an
attempt to 'tattoo' a mustache on his face!
 7. Give a boy a stick and he thinks he owns the world!
Grammie will be happy to have her house back in a few weeks!
 8. James and I spend most of our days outside.'
I love when he needs to take a little break and crawls on my lap.
We take lots of self-portraits!
 9. Crazy face!
 10. The kids love it when I lug my chair down to the swingset/sandbox.
They get a little carried away on the glider...
they get going so high and so fast I can hardly look!
 11. It is amazing to me that James doesn't have
bugs in his tummy!
He doesn't see dirt at all.
See how filthy his fingers were as he happily ate a clementine!??
And yesterday he was walking around licking
rocks and bike tires...
don't ask why, because I haven't a clue!
 12. Now that I am on strict bedrest,
I find the kids obey for Daddy far better when I hide
all by myself in the bedroom!
I will say, I have never been so bored in all my life!
 13. James and Daddy...
wrestle/tickle time!
Both kids love to rough house with Daddy...
it's a high light of the week for them!
 14. Cuddle time with my girl...
Elsie is into refusing her picture taken again,
which explains why this post is pretty much just James!
 15. Have I mentioned before that we have a little boy in our house
who is 2!?
Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn
is all I will say!
 16. 'Driving' Papa Wayne's lawn mower!
This boy loves all things that 'go'!
 17. James dinner last night...
He thought a little of everything looked good...
and I am sure Grammie doesn't mind doing so many dishes!
I am attempting to link up with
Life Rearranged again...
{the last couple weeks I forget to join the link party!}

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