Saturday, December 28, 2013

One Year Old

Better late than never...
so now that baby has been one since
I am posting her birthday pictures!
We had a little family birthday party for her a few days before her 
actual birthday.
Auntie Ceara hosted the little party...
I stress out too much before a party 
and Ceara loves hosting them...
win, win!
Angelina had never tasted a cupcake prior to her Birthday...
And I have to say she loved it!
{and I also have to say, she hasn't had another one since!}

After Cake
{and an outfit change!}
it was time to open the gifts!
Angelina didn't really get into opening them up too much..
good thing her brother and sister were more 
than willing to help!

A very
Happy Birthday Party!
For her actual birthday we brought her to the mall
and had her ears pierced!
Still cant believe how time flies...
my baby is a year old...
on her way to being a toddler!

Friday, December 27, 2013


My Daughter is a kickboxer now.
I would've never dreamed she would want to 
take kickboxing lessons!
It worked out perfectly because just as we were 
signing Elsie up for the lessons,
my sister, Lisa was offered the position of
co-instructor for the kids class!
And now Auntie Emma and a one
of Elsie friends, Andy,
takes kicking boxing too!
Elsie loves kick boxing!
And she does so good!
I love watching her practice at home...
she is getting fast on the 
agility ladder routines.
And she can punch with pretty quick jabs
and lots of force!
James wants to try kickboxing too...
but he is a little too young.
But Elsie is an awesome big sister who 
loves to teach her brother the proper way to kickbox.
She is quite the teacher...
always telling him,
"pay attention to your stance,
T's up, jab across..." and whatever other 
kickboxing lingo there is!
She is a cool girl for sure!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Craft Birds...

More craft pictures...
No words really.
I just wanted to record these
craft moments...
I love these moments!
And the 
Paper Plate Birds
turned out so fun...
even if I was cleaning up feathers for
a good week after!

Love watching my kids
be so creative...

Monday, December 9, 2013


Our days are full of craft time...
Not a single day goes by that we don't do 
some kind of craft.
Elsie usually goes on pinterest and picks 
out a project to do,
then we work together on it.
Just within the several months,
James has really gotten into crafting.
Last winter, he had very little time 
to do an entire project...
now he has turned into quite the little artist!
James loves organized crafts...
{with lots of glue!}
Elise is just starting to really enjoy organized crafts  too...
{though she loves her own creative style}
So we have been going crazy 
with pinterest crafts!
We have a huge cork board in the 
living room to hang all our 
projects on...
it is getting so full, we are stacking
projects on top of the each other!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Boy Time...

James dotes on his Daddy...
He has a hard time all week while Daddy is at work...
so when Daddy comes home on Friday's,
our house is a very happy place!
James follows daddy around and wants to be with him at all times.
{cutest thing ever}
One evening as Daddy was shaving,
James pulled a stool into the bathroom and 
silently watched...
totally taking it all in!
Love this boy.
Love the way he looks up to his Daddy.
Love that he has a good Daddy to look up to!
This boy is going to be an
awesome guy...

Thursday, December 5, 2013


We are still alive over here!
It seems like no matter how hard I try,
blogging just doesn't fit so nicely into the schedule anymore!
Someday I will blog again...
for now I am embracing the other things that
have taken higher priority...
The whole purpose of this blog is 
a journal of our life...
So I am posting old pictures from fall
just so I have them in our life journal...
Earlier in the fall we had a family day at my parents house...
and soon the guns came out...

James was so happy that Daddy was helping him shoot!

Even Elsie was excited to have a chance to shoot!

While we were all shooting, Angelina was busy 
walking around finding old coffee cups
and pretending to drink out of them!
Whatever floats your boat 
is how this family works!

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