Friday, December 27, 2013


My Daughter is a kickboxer now.
I would've never dreamed she would want to 
take kickboxing lessons!
It worked out perfectly because just as we were 
signing Elsie up for the lessons,
my sister, Lisa was offered the position of
co-instructor for the kids class!
And now Auntie Emma and a one
of Elsie friends, Andy,
takes kicking boxing too!
Elsie loves kick boxing!
And she does so good!
I love watching her practice at home...
she is getting fast on the 
agility ladder routines.
And she can punch with pretty quick jabs
and lots of force!
James wants to try kickboxing too...
but he is a little too young.
But Elsie is an awesome big sister who 
loves to teach her brother the proper way to kickbox.
She is quite the teacher...
always telling him,
"pay attention to your stance,
T's up, jab across..." and whatever other 
kickboxing lingo there is!
She is a cool girl for sure!

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