Sunday, February 7, 2016


This will be a post of our fall photo shoot with
no words...
because its getting late and my brain is officially 
shut off tonight.
I was getting ready to post a newer post,
but figured since this was all ready to be posted 
I better get it posted...
you don't even want to know how many 
posts I have sitting in the 
"never posted" file...
Thanks to Instagram, blogging has become a 
thing of the past for me.
Kinda sad though because I love all the little memories 
I have written about on the blog.
Perhaps someday I will blog again...
Life is an always changing thing and blogging is just
not very high on the priority list right now...
Pictures from fall...
Elsie Jane-7 {and a half}
James Hawthorne-5
Angelina Viviana-almost 3
{and a 20week belly picture of Genevieve}

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