Tuesday, April 30, 2013


A few weeks ago while thrifting,
we came upon some fun
stencils...just a set of three.
Then a few days later,
while thrifting at another store,
we found the whole set of stencils!
I remember having the same set when I was little.
Elsie has been loving the stencils...
especially the letter ones!
 Elsie spend all afternoon making this
special card for her
only girl cousin, Lydia...
but then something didn't turn out quite
as perfectly as she wanted,
so Lydia never did get the card!
 I love watching my girl create.
And I love her love of words.
She is always asking me how to spell something.
She is getting better and sounding out words
and figuring out to spell on her own.
I love the way little kids write the way
they hear something said!
 My little perfectionist.
Lord help us!

Monday, April 29, 2013


This will pretty much be a
wordless post.
This week is going to be a busy one...
dr appointments,
eye appointments,
being intentional about our time...
finding a balance between
being on the go and having fun
and enjoying down time at home and
enjoying the simplicity of a
slow paced life.

The moments we captured in these pictures
are the kind of moments that,
as they are happening,
I find myself wishing
time could stand still...
I love the simple fun,
the joy,
the way my heart feels so happy
that I think it could burst into a
million little pieces.
These moments are what life is all about...
and what a rich and
beautiful life it is...

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Because of our
food issues
we don't go out to eat...
our idea of out to eat is a taco or fries in the car!
But a local pizza place recently started
serving gluten free pizza
with a vegan cheese option!
So we enjoyed pizza in a restaurant for the very first time!
The kids were SO excited!
We went after church one Sunday afternoon...
this pizza place has a balcony where we ate...
the kids thought that was pretty fun!
James was so excited that I really don't think he even
ate much of his pizza!
After Pizza,
we went and checked out the toy isles at
then grocery shopping
and home.
A fun little family outing...
And such yummy pizza!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baking Soda+Water

This winter has been a very, very
Snowstorms in April is just not okay!
So being that playing outside is pretty limited...
{you know,
because the snow is now so deep the kids can't even walk in it!}
We've been trying to get creative inside.
 On this day we made
vinegar and baking soda experiments.
This kept the kids so busy...
in the end we used
half a big jug of vinegar and a whole box of baking soda!
 We started out nice and clean with eye droppers...
they would carefully drop a little
coloured vinegar into a dish of baking soda
and watch the little
 That soon evolved into dumping
cups full of vinegar into the baking soda
and watching big explosions...
And that soon evolved into
dumping handfuls of baking soda in their cupped hands
then I would pour vinegar on top...
a volcano in their hands!
 Nothing is fun unless you can get good and
And around here we seem to be messy
90% of the time!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Baby Girl is 6 months old..
She is officially getting too big!
To celebrate my big girl,
I will give you
photo overload of this perfect little lady...
 Angelina is now rolling all the way over...
from back to belly
then from belly to back again!
She loves to be on her belly,
and is starting to figure out how how those
little legs work...
lets hope crawling is a little ways off still!
 Her favorite place to be
{other than the floor}
is the walker...
she goes all over in that walker...
she can now see something that she wants
then walk towards it...
so the kids find it fun to lure her towards them!
And she can sit up
unattended and play with toys!
We still put the poppy pillow around
her just in case she topples over though!
 Angelina is a little eating fool...
I have yet to give her something she
doesn't like to eat!
She gets 3 meal a day now...
breaks my heart to give up some of the nursing time...
I love cuddling her while she nurses!
She loves carrots most of all...
she even gets steamed carrots in her
mesh snack bag,
and she goes crazy for them!
 Just yesterday I noticed that she now has
3 teeth!
I thought she was starting to work on another tooth,
but she really wasn't that uncomfortable,
she I figured it would still be awhile before she got any...
and I thought she was working on a bottom tooth...
so I was surprised today to notice another
tooth on the top!
I won't complain that she snuck this tooth in without
being fussy!
 Angelina has the sweetest and gentlest disposition ever.
She is always calm.
She is simply always happy.
She truly is a perfect little girl!
 This past month Angelina has learned how to use a
sippy cup!
She loves drinking water and gets
excited when she sees a cup!
For Easter she got a nuby cup,
I figured with the soft spout she would do well...
but she never liked it...
instead she prefers a hard sippy cup like the
kids use!
 What a blessing this little one is...
The mere sight of her
smile and giggle
 can warm my heart and me smile...
We are lucky...

Friday, April 19, 2013


Angelina is seriously the
sweetest baby ever...
She is such a petite and feminine little thing...
 Apparently she has gone with me to
rehab at the Chiropractor one too many times...
 Every time she lays on her back,
she starts working those core exercises
and does crunches!
She looks so funny..
 I think her little mind,
she thinks if she pulls hard enough,
she will stand right up!
 Silly little lady...
she always brings a smile to our face!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baby Yoga...

Angelina loves to be wherever the kids are...
she loves to lay on the floor
next to them...
she just watches them play
while chewing on her toes...
 Toes are Angelina's favorite thing to
chew on...
Wouldn't ya just love to be that
 Sometimes she gets so busy chewing on those toes,
that she pulls her socks right off!

 I love this
rolly-poly stage...
such a fun sweet girl...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I think every child has the the same desire...
to do a perfect
hand-stand in the corner!
 When I was little,
I remember we had the perfect corner in the
living room for attempting
It seemed my sisters and I would
take turns doing hand-stands
for ever.
 Our perfect hand-stand corner
is in our bedroom...
I often hear Elsie's
feet and legs slapping against the
every now and then I hear a
"hey, mom come quick my legs are way up!"
Fun simple memories...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Guy...

A few weeks ago we picked up
this fun little
musical instrument from the thrift store...
it's perfect for James,
he can sing at the top of his little lungs
and beat the little hammer things to the
wood with all his might!
James has been changing so much lately...
becoming more grown up
and turing out to be such a boy!
We have been teaching him how to be a
gentlemen to girls.
He always holds the door open for Elsie and I...
and he always has to help do the
'boy chores' like bring out the trash.
And he always has to put the lid down on the
potty when he is done,
"for girls"...
and he gets upset when daddy or uncle Colter
forget to put it down for girls!
One day while eating popcorn
James picked all the pieces into several little tiny crumbs...
then got a couple truck matchbox cars
and loaded all that popcorn up
and hauled it across the table!
One afternoon James took all the toy baskets
off the shelf in the living room,
then he pulled all the wooden shelves out of the shelf...
and he used them for lumber to
"build" himself a little fort.
Its sad to think that in just a few
short months my little guy will be
He is growing up too fast.
Why do kids do that?

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I swear,
I've got some of the sweetest
little ones around...
{that is when they aren't driving me
Elsie has become such a
Big Kid,
that it shocks me...
where does time go!?
Now that Elsie has learned to read,
she is constantly reading texts over my shoulder...
and its annoying!
I aways text people while laying with the kids
for bedtime...
so now Elsie just reads whatever words she can
instead of falling asleep!
Gotta remember to keep the
Christmas lists hidden aways this year now that
she can read some words!
Elsie is a planner and a saver...
she has been saving her pennies and
working towards a goal...
an American Girl Bitty Baby...
she even did some jobs for Grandma B. to earn some money!
She now has enough and is counting
down days till we can go to the
Mall of America and get that new doll!
Now that the snow has melted
the kids have been out riding bikes...
it has become clear Elsie is ready for the training
wheels to come off...ya know
since they are upside down on the bike!
One day it was windy outside while the kids were
out playing...
the kids came in and Elsie said,
"oh wow, its so windy out our toys almost
got winded away!"
Both the kids love getting the special treat
of soda.
James calls all soda Coke...
so he always wants an
orange coke or a clear coke!
Always makes us laugh!
This year is the first year both the kids
kinda understood the meaning of Easter.
The kids have both been hooked on talking about
Jesus on the cross.
Every Sunday James fully expects to
see Jesus sitting in church.
James has 2 favorite parts in church...
putting money in the offering plate
{or the big bowl as he calls it}
and Communion.
He knows just how to cross his
arms as we walk up for the blessing...
and he looks so darn cute!
One day James was looking out the window
and jumped up and started yelling,
"See Easter bunny in tree!"
He was SO excited.
What he saw was a squirrel.
I didn't have the heart to tell him different.
I really do have the coolest kids.
They are at fun ages.
The excitement and simple joy and silliness 
of children is very contagious.
I have a very full and happy
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