Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baking Soda+Water

This winter has been a very, very
Snowstorms in April is just not okay!
So being that playing outside is pretty limited...
{you know,
because the snow is now so deep the kids can't even walk in it!}
We've been trying to get creative inside.
 On this day we made
vinegar and baking soda experiments.
This kept the kids so busy...
in the end we used
half a big jug of vinegar and a whole box of baking soda!
 We started out nice and clean with eye droppers...
they would carefully drop a little
coloured vinegar into a dish of baking soda
and watch the little
 That soon evolved into dumping
cups full of vinegar into the baking soda
and watching big explosions...
And that soon evolved into
dumping handfuls of baking soda in their cupped hands
then I would pour vinegar on top...
a volcano in their hands!
 Nothing is fun unless you can get good and
And around here we seem to be messy
90% of the time!

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