Monday, April 22, 2013


Baby Girl is 6 months old..
She is officially getting too big!
To celebrate my big girl,
I will give you
photo overload of this perfect little lady...
 Angelina is now rolling all the way over...
from back to belly
then from belly to back again!
She loves to be on her belly,
and is starting to figure out how how those
little legs work...
lets hope crawling is a little ways off still!
 Her favorite place to be
{other than the floor}
is the walker...
she goes all over in that walker...
she can now see something that she wants
then walk towards it...
so the kids find it fun to lure her towards them!
And she can sit up
unattended and play with toys!
We still put the poppy pillow around
her just in case she topples over though!
 Angelina is a little eating fool...
I have yet to give her something she
doesn't like to eat!
She gets 3 meal a day now...
breaks my heart to give up some of the nursing time...
I love cuddling her while she nurses!
She loves carrots most of all...
she even gets steamed carrots in her
mesh snack bag,
and she goes crazy for them!
 Just yesterday I noticed that she now has
3 teeth!
I thought she was starting to work on another tooth,
but she really wasn't that uncomfortable,
she I figured it would still be awhile before she got any...
and I thought she was working on a bottom tooth...
so I was surprised today to notice another
tooth on the top!
I won't complain that she snuck this tooth in without
being fussy!
 Angelina has the sweetest and gentlest disposition ever.
She is always calm.
She is simply always happy.
She truly is a perfect little girl!
 This past month Angelina has learned how to use a
sippy cup!
She loves drinking water and gets
excited when she sees a cup!
For Easter she got a nuby cup,
I figured with the soft spout she would do well...
but she never liked it...
instead she prefers a hard sippy cup like the
kids use!
 What a blessing this little one is...
The mere sight of her
smile and giggle
 can warm my heart and me smile...
We are lucky...

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