Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day of Green...

Being that this is
Holy Week,
my blog will probably be pretty quiet...
We have some fun little
things planned to prepare for
St. Patricks day is a pretty
big thing around here...
We wear as much green as possible...
and eat as much green as possible too!
We always start the day off right
with some tasty
green pancakes and a little
green milk!
 It's a good thing
Angelina is a pretty
easy-going child!
She was so tried that she was fighting sleep
while I was taking her pictures...
and apparently smiling would've been too much work!
 James was just getting over
his bad cold
and wasn't quite his normal happy self...
but he still managed to
get plenty of green on!
 I know I've said it before,
but seriously,
can he possibly get any cuter!?
 And the Green Fashion Diva...
Elsie found this green wig at the store
and just had to have it...
And the blinky earrings and the necklaces...
and don't forget about all
the green eye makeup!
 My kids take
St Patrick's day pretty seriously!
 Green Sisters...
We tried to get James in the pictures too,
but being the two year old he is,
He refused.
Go figure.
At least we got some cute ones of the girls!

 Every year we drive a few
towns over
to the big
St Patricks parade...
this year due to the cold weather,
huge snowpiles and that nasty cold,
it was just our little family
and Ted and Ceara who went.
And because of the baby,
we all sat in our car and watched!
The kids watched out the sunroof and thought
it was the greatest!
 To get a good parking spot,
we had to get there early...
and James got a little bored...
I'm sure Jon was cringing while watching his
car be destroyed and fingerprints
on everything!
James even managed to close his sister up in the
And he called Onstar...
{I didn't tell that one to Jon or he would probably
never let us in his car again!}
 Angelina took a little cat nap
on the way to the parade,
then woke up before the parade started.
She was happy to just people watch...
and talk to mommy and daddy.
She did cry through some of the parade...
because she was tired and couldn't fall asleep without
being rocked to sleep.
Oh well.
She eventually did fall asleep.
 Favorite picture ever!
This is how we all watched the parade...
The kids attracted an
embarrassing amount of attention...
they came home with a little
bucket of candy and
some trinkets and
plenty of necklaces!
Can't imagine why they attracted so
much attention!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hair Cut...

During James last hair apt,
the hair dresser and I were talking about kids
cutting their own hair.
I told her how lucky I was because my kids
had never shown any interest in cutting their own hair.
I spoke about 2 days too soon...
One evening 
{as I was eating a rice krispy treat}
We heard Elsie yelling,
"Come quick, he is cutting his hair!"
We quickly ran into the 
living room and found a 
little pile of hair.
And a sobbing little man.
We didn't even have to say anything to him.
He felt so bad for messing up 
his new haircut! 
 He threw the scissors down
and ran off into the corner to
sob his little heart out.
He loves his hair and is very
particular about it...
so knowing he cut some of it off
was too heartbreaking to him!
Thankfully his hair is very thick
and it wasn't too noticeable!
 I had to add this picture...
I heard the words
'come quickly' and 'scissors'
and rushed in to make sure my kids still had
arms and legs attached...
and the rice krispi bar,
well I sat on it.
and it got stuck to my pj pants.
Later I couldn't remember if I tossed it down on the
counter in the rush or ate it.
Jon laughed, took a picture
then pulled it off my pants.
I am crazy.
Memories, I guess.
"hey, mom, remember the time
I cut my hair and you sat on
your rice krispi bar?"
Oh well.
And for the record,
for the next couple days James kept pointing
at the scissors, shaking his head saying,
"no,no,no,no, hair"
This was a couple weeks ago...
yesterday I took the scissors away
because he was attempting to
trim up the length of my
living room carpet!
So, I kinda doubt this will be
the last post of
James playing hairdresser.
That boy...

Friday, March 22, 2013


For some reason this week I was
surprised to find that I
took close to 200 pic!
So this is just a very tiny glimpse
into our week!
1. Cute little lady...
with her favorite toy again!
 2. Too many toys!
The kids seem to think she must have all
her toys dumped out
all around her
every time she plays on the floor!
 3. Green hair for St. Patricks day!
{it was really Elsie's wig, but it sure was fun to play with!}
 4. If you buy your
5 year old
a huge palate of eye makeup,
you might regret it really fast!
 5. Sisters.
They sleep like this most nights.
Too cute!
 6. We were on a mission
to knock those nasty colds out...
We did an
onion poultice to James.
Worked wonders!
 7. Cuddling,
James was enjoying breathing again...
that onion poultice
reduced his coughing and helped with the stuffy nose!
 8. Green Sisters!
The kids got all decked out to watch the parade in town!
Lots more Green pictures
coming later this week!
{I hope!}
 9. Shopping.
Angelina is a super shopper!
But after a few hours of non- stop shopping,
she needed to eat...
and I needed to rest my back,
so we make a good pair!
 10. We are tired of the snow!
 11. Little man has been a
giant pill all week!
2 days ago I realized the reason why...
he has
Hand Foot Mouth disease!
He has probably had it all week,
but being the great mother I am,
It just dawned on me yesterday that he has it!
{mother of the year, I know!}
 12. Happy Girl.
Seriously, she is the happiest thing ever!
 13. Reading me her Bob book...
can't believe how well she is doing!
She is now reading every word she can,
on everything!
Yesterday she was even trying to read the
label on the jelly jar!
 14. I think James
his little sister.
He literally smothers her
with his love!
 15. A peek at Angelina's
5 month photo shoot!
 16. We need a craft room!
 17. This week Angelina started eating
a little bit of
Rice baby cereal!
Such a big girl!
 18. My girl loves her mama!
 19. The kids slept in their own beds,
in their own room!
I don't think has ever happened before.
They are growing up!
 20. Nutmeg pancakes,
homemade lemonade
and jam
for breakfast.

life rearranged

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Sleepy girl...
all bundled up to go outside...
 Angelina truly is the
World's Best Baby...
my mom assures me that means
she will keep me quite busy
in her toddler years...
{I hope my mom is wrong!}
 I don't remember that other kids
loving toys quite as much
as Angelina does...
we even duct taped some to her carseat
so she would have something
to look at!
{that doesn't make us too redneck-ish, does it!?}

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Photography by Elsie...

I love it when I scroll through
the camera and find
photos taken by Elsie...
She has an interesting perspective,
mainly just because of her height!
Love these next two pictures!
James is 2.
So that means he likes his own way.
a lot!
Sometimes he doesn't get his way.
Like in this picture.
Makes him have a fit.
scream, cry, stop his little feet, jump up and down.
Not a pretty sight.
Proof that I can tear his little heart out...
and look like I don't even care.
I mean, really,
how bad would've it been to let
James play with
the whole container of nail polish!?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Toy Bar...

These pictures are from a
couple weeks ago...
now if lay Angelina on her back,
she rolls over right away,
or she grabs her toes and sticks them in her mouth!
I love this rolly poly stage!
Notice Angelina's new toy bar...
We've had a couple different toy bars in the past,
but I always get ride of them
because I just don't like them.
This one I love though!
I found a tutorial on Pinterest
and begged Jon to make it.
He started it and my brother finished it.
It is perfect...
light, all wooden, sturdy and simple.
Baby loves the toy bar too...
but then she loves most anything.
3rd babies just learn to
go with the flow
and wait their turn.
Or maybe that's just any baby with a
2 year old brother!

See what I mean...
the toy is sturdy!
And see how calm Baby looks
with her brother trying to knock the
whole thing on top of her!?
Some days...

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Friday again!
Best day of the week...
it's the day Daddy comes home!
This week has been a
week because of sick kids...
next week will be better
{I hope!}
1. Last Friday Angelina started coming
down with a cold and only wanted to
be held...so
I wore her in the sling as long
as my back could manage her!
 2. Last week we got
I am getting super tired of snow,
but this last storm was so
Jon took the kids sledding
on the big hill in town.
They had a blast!
Angelina and I sat in the car and watched...
because everyone needs a
cheerleader or two!
 3. I think we are wearing our
rocker out...
3 sick kids all week meant lots of rocking!
 4. Last weekend was Jon's
We made his a cake then the kids
went wild with the candles...
I think they had at least 40 in the cake!
 5. We tried to get a good group pix,
but Elsie was just starting to not feel good.
Her throat hurt her too bad to even
eat a piece of cake...
poor thing!
 6. We are borrowing a
Bumbo chair...
And baby likes it...
for about 5 minutes.
I think she prefers to be rolling around
on the floor.
 7. If you notice in each of these
pictures of baby,
she has the same toy.
This is a major favorite!
If we offer her 2 toys, she always chooses this one.
If we take it away she cries.
Sometimes she even naps with it!
8. More cuddle time...
that is the best part of sick kids...
they love lots of extra cuddles!
The sore throats and croup filled nights weren't quiet as fun!
9. Since Elsie didn't have much energy
all week,
She did a little online shopping...
She found this Bitty Baby and
really, really, really
wants it.
She had to take a pix and send it to daddy...
begging him to buy it for her!
10. More cuddles...
Can't believe how many self-portrait pix
we did this week...
sure can tell we did nothing all week!
11. Notice the toy again!
She loves that crazy thing!
12. Winter is lasting
around here...
we are all getting cabin fever.
The kids were perched on the counter with the window
wide open...
looking for green grass.
All they found were plies of snow,
taller then them!
13. Yesterday the kids were finally getting over the
cold and had a little energy back...
so we painted!
{and played play-doh, melty beads, coloured and
who knows what else!}
Here is to hoping next week
will find us healthy
and more exciting!

life rearranged

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