Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Toy Bar...

These pictures are from a
couple weeks ago...
now if lay Angelina on her back,
she rolls over right away,
or she grabs her toes and sticks them in her mouth!
I love this rolly poly stage!
Notice Angelina's new toy bar...
We've had a couple different toy bars in the past,
but I always get ride of them
because I just don't like them.
This one I love though!
I found a tutorial on Pinterest
and begged Jon to make it.
He started it and my brother finished it.
It is perfect...
light, all wooden, sturdy and simple.
Baby loves the toy bar too...
but then she loves most anything.
3rd babies just learn to
go with the flow
and wait their turn.
Or maybe that's just any baby with a
2 year old brother!

See what I mean...
the toy is sturdy!
And see how calm Baby looks
with her brother trying to knock the
whole thing on top of her!?
Some days...

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