Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This week is going to be a
week on the blog.
{or maybe a few}
I am writing this late Monday evening...
and it's already been a
long week!
Today the baby came down with
Chicken Pox!
The Dr assured me she will be fine,
and that she will now have
a natural life long immunity
unlike the
long term uncertainty of the shots.
So we have been
spending our time giving a few extra cuddles!
So far she just has a
few spots,
which is normal while being breastfed.
My blog will also be quiet for the next few
weeks while I work on healing.
Ever since Christmas eve,
my back just hasn't been doing so great.
Ive been doing stretches
and visiting the chiropractor.
But the pain doesn't want to go away.
Some days I can hardly walk
so Elsie has to carry the baby for me!
Shortly after James was born
we discovered I have an extra disk in my back
and the disk above the extra one is
bulged because there isn't enough room.
Plus I have a pretty good case of
So all that coupled together,
we descided the time has come to have
steroid injection.
blah. Not fun.
So Jon will be taking a week off so I
can take it easy and
let the med do it's thing!
There are only so many shots I can have
before we have to do surgery...
and we want to avoid that!!
So, we will be taking it easy here.
Doing our best to enjoy this time.
We will find fun in this difficult time.
We are looking forward to a whole week
of Daddy home.
But first we have to make it through
the next week and a half.
I always try to take care of things myself...
I hate asking for help.
But last week we did have to humbly spend 2 nights
at my parents house
so they could entertain the kids so I
could relax on ice.
And all of last week my sister
had to drive over to my house to
spread blankets on the floor for us to sleep on
{my back can't handle the bed right now!}
because I could drag them out!
So we are praying for a better week...
and if not we will make the best of it
The tough stuff is what makes you grow a little more.
{and puts grey hairs on your head!}

Friday, January 25, 2013


Friday again.
This week has been
Probably because we have been on the
count down for Friday
so Daddy will be home
after being gone for 2 weeks!
{He surprised us though and showed up
thursday night!}
1. James...playing hide and seek.
We looked for hours
before finding him
in the middle of the living room with
his back exposed!
 2.One of the perks of having a teenage sister
who works at the grocery store,
is being able to text her a pix from the sale ad to
find out if the little local store has what I want!
{They didn't have the pretzels and I wasn't
desperate enough to drive to the
next big town and get them!}
 3. The older kids were pretending the
bathtub was a pool...
so I surprised them and
put Angelina in her little suit
so she could go swimming too!
 4. The kids were thrilled the
baby got to take a
swim too...
and she didn't even have to sit in her
little bath chair!
 5. This week we have had
lots of
Happy Mail in our mailbox!
One day we opened some
ASL flashcards for the kids
and a new wide angle lens for me...
happy, happy!
 6. Our washer is still broken.
usually it's Jon's thing to go the
but, since he was gone for 2 weeks
I had to do it.
So, I cheated and simply dropped it off with the
laundry lady,
and picked up clean, dried and folded clothes
a few hours later.
$35...done for the week
and I didn't even have to lift a finger.
I told Jon I'm in no rush to get a
new washer!
 7. We got a new
phone book in the mail...
so Elsie decided to read it.
She read random numbers out loud until
my head was spinning.
She is funny!
 8. We made Strawberry smoothies
for a snack.
We served them in fancy
china tea cups.
So yummy!
 9. James noticed the new package
of TP sitting in the bathroom.
He took it upon himself
to put it all away...
Love it.
 10. James was helping out
after lunch
by wiping down the counters with a sponge.
Never mind that he was kneeling
in all the food!
 11. I've been having some not-so-fun
back pain lately...
So sometimes I've got
to get creative in keeping little fingers
busy so I can ice my back.
One day I gave them
water and q-tips and had them clean
gunk out of window
Kept them busy for a long time!
 12. One night James slept with
his Dirt Bike book.
Wonder what he was dreaming about?
 13. We went to visit my
Grandma yesterday.
She lives just down the road, yet
we hardly ever make it there!
I need to make it a priority.
James loves going to visit there...
it may have something to do with the big box of toys!
 14. Happy little
Angelina smiles...
 15. We were taking
happy pictures to send to Daddy!
And that is the end of our week.
We are hoping for fun
family filled weekend!

life rearranged

Thursday, January 24, 2013


My littlest girl
and me.
I think she is the sweetest
little thing.

Some times being a
Mother is tough...
but then these little moments of cuddling,
being silly together and playing
side by side,
completely outweigh the tough stuff.
I know one thing,
I am

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas with B...

This may or may not be the
last of my
Christmas related posts...
I don't have any pictures of Christmas
with my family...
{I rely on stealing my sister's pix instead!}
I do still have some fun ones
of our weekend away celebrating
with Jon's out of town family...
perhaps someday I will get around to posting them!
A few days before Christmas
we celebrated
Christmas with Grandma B.
She has the bad habit of going a bit over bored
in the gift department...
The gift corner was slightly full...
Grandma B knows we have some major
mashed potato lovers
in our family,
so she makes lots!
Grandma B has a smallish house,
so everyone gets to eat wherever for dinner...
Already Elsie has fond memories of
being able to eat on the couch
with a tv tray!
{that's the only time she ever gets to use a tv tray!}
Sometimes the biggest memories
are from the simplest things!
Since no one else is really into
taking pictures,
I have made it my mission to get a group
shot every Christmas before
gift opening.
The family grew by 2 this year...
well, 3 including the new kitty!
Grandma B and Patrick
with all the grandkids...
6 grandkids...
4 of which have birthdays in a 3 week span!
{just to keep Grandam B on her toes!}
The plan was to have the kids sit together
and open one gift at a time...
but one thing led to the next...
and I'm still not even sure
who gave James what!
Elsie and Angelina are the only girls...
and since Grandma B only had boys too,
I think she has fun buying girl stuff...
Like the big kit of Barbie makeup!!
That barbie makeup was just too much for Elsie...
she had to put a little on...
Oh, okay a LOT on!
Everyone tried not to outright
laugh at all the lipstick on her lips!
Later James sat still so he could also
have a barbie make-over!
The other boys showed no interest,
I guess that's what happens when you have an older sister!
Angelina and her little cousin Grant...
Angelina is about 2 weeks older.
The grandkids keep getting closer and closer...
Elsie is 5 months older than Keegan
James is 4 months older than Wesley
and Angelina and Grant are 2 week apart...
maybe the next two will share a birthday!
The evening wrapped up with
a little head flash light fun!
The kids were all running around giggling!
We got home way after bedtime.
The kids were exhausted.
We all had a fun time!
And I spent the next couple days
trying to find places for all the new toys...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3 Months...

Today little
Miss Angelina girl
turns 3 months old!
It blows my mind that she is
that old already!
She is such a sweet and perfect baby...
{I know I'm the mother and should say things like that,
but I am being serious!}
She is a perfect sleeper...
she still sleeps through the night a couple times a week.
She takes nice long naps
and doesn't even wake up when her
brother and sister get too loud!
And when she is awake she is
very contented and playful!
Angelina love to play
She giggles every single time
to the point of getting hiccups!
Angelina is a talker...
she loves to talk and be talked to.
If she is crying,
gently talking can calm her down...
she will stare right into your eyes and talk back.
Melts my heart
And she is quite the cuddler...
she loves to cuddle and rock.
She has a difficult time falling asleep
without rocking!
She still hasn't rolled all the way over yet,
but is getting closer...
she goes way over on her side and pulls...
{take your time, baby girl, take your time!}
Last week she learned how to
She will stare at a toy,
get stiff with excitement,
let out a little squeal then
stick her arm out to reach!
Too cute!
The kids love it,
so has toys shoved in her face pretty much
every waking moment!
In a few weeks 
Angelina has an appointment
with a specialist in town
about her jaw.
She has a "clicking, tight jaw"
Her Chiropractor thought it was best if she gets
it medically examined,
so hopefully
all will be fine.
She is growing and eating fine,
so that is a good sign!
She is growing so good,
that before long she will be in
9 month clothes!
I love all her little baby-ness...
her gently coos,
her sigh of pure contentment when nursing,
the way she holds my finger in a light
clutch while I am nursing her.
Her little happiness noise,
her belly giggle...
Someday I will miss all that...
all too soon she will be a
big girl and not a cuddly little
I am cherishing all these little moments...
I will end this post with a
behind the scenes...
because I wouldn't want you to think taking nice
pictures is quite as
perfect as the top pictures
might make it seem!
"Is my hand in the way, mom?"
"why, no son, not at all!"
"Am I in the way here, mom?"
And then there is Elsie snapping
over 30 pictures during that little
5 minute photo shoot...
"so I can instagram them"
so says my 5 year old...
{please tell me I'm not the only one with a
5 year old who thinks to photograph things
to instagram!}
Like I said,
they aren't little for long...
so cherish the baby days,
all too soon they will be stealing your phone to
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