Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3 Months...

Today little
Miss Angelina girl
turns 3 months old!
It blows my mind that she is
that old already!
She is such a sweet and perfect baby...
{I know I'm the mother and should say things like that,
but I am being serious!}
She is a perfect sleeper...
she still sleeps through the night a couple times a week.
She takes nice long naps
and doesn't even wake up when her
brother and sister get too loud!
And when she is awake she is
very contented and playful!
Angelina love to play
She giggles every single time
to the point of getting hiccups!
Angelina is a talker...
she loves to talk and be talked to.
If she is crying,
gently talking can calm her down...
she will stare right into your eyes and talk back.
Melts my heart
And she is quite the cuddler...
she loves to cuddle and rock.
She has a difficult time falling asleep
without rocking!
She still hasn't rolled all the way over yet,
but is getting closer...
she goes way over on her side and pulls...
{take your time, baby girl, take your time!}
Last week she learned how to
She will stare at a toy,
get stiff with excitement,
let out a little squeal then
stick her arm out to reach!
Too cute!
The kids love it,
so has toys shoved in her face pretty much
every waking moment!
In a few weeks 
Angelina has an appointment
with a specialist in town
about her jaw.
She has a "clicking, tight jaw"
Her Chiropractor thought it was best if she gets
it medically examined,
so hopefully
all will be fine.
She is growing and eating fine,
so that is a good sign!
She is growing so good,
that before long she will be in
9 month clothes!
I love all her little baby-ness...
her gently coos,
her sigh of pure contentment when nursing,
the way she holds my finger in a light
clutch while I am nursing her.
Her little happiness noise,
her belly giggle...
Someday I will miss all that...
all too soon she will be a
big girl and not a cuddly little
I am cherishing all these little moments...
I will end this post with a
behind the scenes...
because I wouldn't want you to think taking nice
pictures is quite as
perfect as the top pictures
might make it seem!
"Is my hand in the way, mom?"
"why, no son, not at all!"
"Am I in the way here, mom?"
And then there is Elsie snapping
over 30 pictures during that little
5 minute photo shoot...
"so I can instagram them"
so says my 5 year old...
{please tell me I'm not the only one with a
5 year old who thinks to photograph things
to instagram!}
Like I said,
they aren't little for long...
so cherish the baby days,
all too soon they will be stealing your phone to

1 comment:

Gina Norman said...

happy 3 months angelina, you are a blessing baby!

what a sweet little tribute post to her :)

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