Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas with B...

This may or may not be the
last of my
Christmas related posts...
I don't have any pictures of Christmas
with my family...
{I rely on stealing my sister's pix instead!}
I do still have some fun ones
of our weekend away celebrating
with Jon's out of town family...
perhaps someday I will get around to posting them!
A few days before Christmas
we celebrated
Christmas with Grandma B.
She has the bad habit of going a bit over bored
in the gift department...
The gift corner was slightly full...
Grandma B knows we have some major
mashed potato lovers
in our family,
so she makes lots!
Grandma B has a smallish house,
so everyone gets to eat wherever for dinner...
Already Elsie has fond memories of
being able to eat on the couch
with a tv tray!
{that's the only time she ever gets to use a tv tray!}
Sometimes the biggest memories
are from the simplest things!
Since no one else is really into
taking pictures,
I have made it my mission to get a group
shot every Christmas before
gift opening.
The family grew by 2 this year...
well, 3 including the new kitty!
Grandma B and Patrick
with all the grandkids...
6 grandkids...
4 of which have birthdays in a 3 week span!
{just to keep Grandam B on her toes!}
The plan was to have the kids sit together
and open one gift at a time...
but one thing led to the next...
and I'm still not even sure
who gave James what!
Elsie and Angelina are the only girls...
and since Grandma B only had boys too,
I think she has fun buying girl stuff...
Like the big kit of Barbie makeup!!
That barbie makeup was just too much for Elsie...
she had to put a little on...
Oh, okay a LOT on!
Everyone tried not to outright
laugh at all the lipstick on her lips!
Later James sat still so he could also
have a barbie make-over!
The other boys showed no interest,
I guess that's what happens when you have an older sister!
Angelina and her little cousin Grant...
Angelina is about 2 weeks older.
The grandkids keep getting closer and closer...
Elsie is 5 months older than Keegan
James is 4 months older than Wesley
and Angelina and Grant are 2 week apart...
maybe the next two will share a birthday!
The evening wrapped up with
a little head flash light fun!
The kids were all running around giggling!
We got home way after bedtime.
The kids were exhausted.
We all had a fun time!
And I spent the next couple days
trying to find places for all the new toys...

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