Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Epic Camping Trip~ Day 2

All the rain from the night before made for some 
fun mud puddles the next morning!
Angelina was covered in mud by the time I got her dressed...
and her Pj's are still stained with mud!
For a little extra fun, 
we brought with a Pineapple named Margot...
for the most part we forgot her sitting on a picnic table...
our goal was to see how many pictures we could get her in!
Card games after breakfast!
notice even Margot got in on the card games...
Love this picture...
I think Jon took it.
James is never far from the guys!
Before the heat of the day,
he hiked to the picnic pavilion on the hill...
Angelina found a little worm...
she was the only one of our three kids who 
wasn't freaked out by the worms!
While the guys were off exploring the hill top,
we attempted a selfie...
{note to self, set the lens back to 18mm!}
Later that evening 
Laura and Ryan 
and Lisa and Devan joined us too.
Ana and her family and Jessica and her family
were not able to join our 
Family Camping Trip this year...
maybe next year...
On the top of the hill was a 
stone drinking fountain...
kept the kids very occupied!

Our attempt of a Family picture...
James decided he didn't want to be included.
Go figure.
Always at least one that doesn't cooperate!

At the very end, as we were walking away,
James decided he would be in the pictures after all...
but with no shirt on.
Good thing he is cute!

We ate super simple while camping...
sandwiches, burgers and hotdogs.
The kids were happy and ate with no complaining!
The water was kind of cold and the "beach" was
very busy,
but the kids still had a blast playing in the water!
Farmers tans are the 
"in thing", right?!

I think our favorite times were in the evenings...
everyone lounging around,
relaxing and visiting.
Simply being together is the best part. 

Stay tuned for Day 3.
{I take too many pictures for 1 post!}

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Epic Camping Trip~ day 1

That's right...
We went camping...
in a tent!
And we loved it...
we even have more camping trips planned!
I always said I would never camp,
I am more of a hotel person...
never say never.
Lesson learned!
We are now proud to be part of the 
Camping folks!
And the kids loved it too...
what kid wouldn't love it?!
 All spring we slowly collected all the important 
camping things we needed...
a tent,
air mattresses,
cooking stuff,
pink flamingos,
100 glow sticks,
colourful buntings...
as you can tell,
I'm a little more into the 
Glamping style of camping!
For our first camping trip we went to 
Sibley State Park...
for a 4 day camping trip with 
my whole family.
We were all SO excited!
 Our camping started off with a bang...
we set up camp,
then headed out to the grocery store.
On our way back to Camp we ran into 
extremely hard downpours...
and when we made it back to camp,
everyone was yelling to us to head into the shower house...
there had been a tornado spotted very close by!
Scary excitement!
{side note: first time campers that we were, we didn't close the
windows to our tent before heading out...
my little sisters noticed and zipped them up...thank goodness!
So no wet bedding at least!}
 Everything was drenched outside! 
Thankfully my parents had their little Vintage Camper...
so we all hung out in there while feeding the 
kids deli cut and chips for dinner!
The guys were outside in the rain putting a 
makeshift canopy up so they could fire up the grill
and make a nice warm dinner!

 And just as quickly as the storm popped up,
it was gone and the sun was shinning again!
We set off to explore Sibley...

 It was a perfect evening...
beautiful weather...
kids were all happy to be exploring a new place...
and the camp ground was nice and quiet...

 So long as there is water around,
the kids are happy!
 Spring and Summer had been so rainy that the
lake was extremely high...
so high that the entire beach was under water...
but the kids didn't mind having to walk through
knee deep water to get on the fishing pier!
 Angelina is not at all afraid of water...she will walk out until she 
is in neck deep she was not happy 
that I didn't let her get in any further than her waist!
 Our first day of Camping created many,
many memories...
the best one that the kids talk about was 
waiting out the storm in the shower house!
{stay tuned for day 2 camping}

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Just maybe I will get back into the swing of 
this blogging thing.
I wouldn't hold your breath though...
there are simply not enough hours in a day!
This summer has been crazy busy...
but in a fun way...
lots of little day and weekend trips and
so much fun exploring new places
and soaking in as much summer as possible!
All too soon winter will be back...
and school...
so we are taking advantage of all summer!
I find that Instagram has kinda taken the 
place of blogging for me...
I still record our daily life,
just much shorter stories.
I have oodles of pictures from our summer adventures
I am hoping to be blogging in the next few weeks...
Side note: this picture of James is old...
taken from early spring.
His hair is now cut short.
I miss his long hair...
short hair makes him look too old!


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