Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boy Toys...

James has a deep love for all "boy toys"...meaning things with a motor, that are loud, and go fast! He loves motorbikes with a passion...when we hears a motorbike start up he will stand there and watch the bike until it is out of site...even if we are in a parking lot, he simply loves all and any motorbikes! Just a few days ago James discovered the skid-loader sitting by the garage at my parents house. He started off down to the garage to check it out...Uncle Colter, being the good uncle he is...was more than happy to show James the skid-loader!
I remember when Colter was James age...he loved that skid-loader, too. He would ride in that skid-loader for hours...sometimes even falling asleep while riding! I am sure when James gets his first ride he is not going to be happy to just play in the skid-loader anymore!

Checking it all out! James is a pretty lucky little boy to have such a great uncle to show him all these fabulous "boy toys"...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Phone Photos...

I was reading the Kelle Hampton blog and was inspired by her blog post about a Friday Phone Dump...I am copying her idea. Throughout the week I take pictures with my phone of shopping trips, silly things the kids do, places we go...a little of everything! I mostly take phone pictures to text to someone or to email adding a weekly photo dump is a perfect idea! Enjoy...
James painting pictures...I hope Crayola paints, markers and crayons are all non-toxic...the amount of them the little guy has eaten in his short life is quite shocking!
A new strainer for me! I had 2 picked out and oped to spend the extra $5 so I could enjoy some Polk-a-dots everyday while doing my is about finding the little things in life...and if Polk-a-dots do it for ya...go for it!

Posing in front of the mirror with a new dress on...trying to figure out the perfect place to wear such a that Elsie had to pose with me, too!

A surprise from Jon...gluten and dairy free beer! It tasted terrible... but then I am not a beer drinker at all...Jack Daniels is my favorite! Jon thought the GF beer was terrible he dumped out an entire bottle so he could have a spit bottle! {gross, I know...but he now has nicotine gum...which I think he chews while smoking so I doubt his bad habit with end soon!}

I turned my back to help James while he was eating dinner...and Elsie found a good way to help herself to whatever she wanted! Dangerous...but creative!

Playing outside in the early morning...

I love a clean house...the kids do not...someday they will learn...right?

James on one of our car rides...James has discovered that he loves going on car rides! One day he cried heat breaking sobs when we got home and he had to get out of his beloved a carseat. When we say we are going on a car ride and he runs and gets his shoes and hat and waits by the door!

Another beach day...I think this week we are taking a break from the beach...the kids are tired of beach days and are enjoying creative play at home...and I am not about to complain!

So there ya have it...a few camera photos...more to come next Friday...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Babies and I...

I am finishing up my series of post on our photo shoot and linking up with the Anderson blog for Embrace the camera! The main purpose of the photo shoot was to get some pictures of the kids and I together...Last year we took some "mommy and kids" pictures also...and they are so special to me. My goal is to take portrait style pictures of the kids and I every summer...

This was before Elsie really got "into" the photo!

My all time favorite picture...this one will be getting framed and hung in the living room!

This may have been my "I give up" laugh!

These next few pictures are adorable laughing pictures of Elsie...she was laughing so hard because James was behind the camera hitting grammie (our photographer) with a flag...made Elsie laugh and made James happy to hit and not get told no! win, win!

Failed attempt at a group picture...James thought it was fun to "accidental" slip down through the arm of the chair!

Seriously, picking her nose! This girl refuses to pick her nose any other time...she happily lets her boogies sit in there and whistle for days...the only way those boogies come out is through a sneeze induced by nose spray...yet she decides a photo shoot was a great time to start the nose picking!

Just because I have to let everyone see the truth...our photo shoot was anything but as relaxing and wonderful as those few "good pictures" makes it look. We had plenty of mis-haps...plenty of "I am not going to smile" plenty of "lets hit my sister with a stick"...behind the scenes is never perfect!

This picture might look like a sweet "mother -daughter" moment...and it was...but it went more like this..."this is your last chance, darn it, you either look at the camera and smile or you are done! and no special soda treat for you either!" See...a great mother-daughter bonding moment!

And this sweet "mother-son" moment when something like this, " I know you just fell off the stool...but you didn't kill yourself or get any broken for goodness sakes, take this flower and stop crying so we can finish this photoshoot!"

In the end, I am happy with the pictures we got...thanks Mom for being my photographer of the day! Hope you are ready to do some family pictures next!?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Little Man...

James was a happy little boy through the entire photo shoot...he was outside, no shoes on, standing on a stool...who couldn't be happy!? James is just such a busy little guy that getting a shot of him being still was the hard we have far less pictures of James than of Elsie. So long as James had a stick in his hand or a rock to throw he was happy...Love these pictures!

A helping hand...and yes, I am holding a big stick...I was using it to poke at James to make him smile! It was a game to him...gotta get creative to get those perfect smiles!

My favorite...

Love that smile!

My Girl...

These are some adorable pictures of, love, love them! I feel like I hardly have any nice pictures of her lately...she is still in that "don't take my picture" phase. When we first started the photo shoot she wanted nothing to do with smiling or looking at the camera...she suddenly wanted to suck her thumb, drool, pick her nose...things she normally never does! By the end of the photo shoot she was in a very happy mood and doing lots of giggling...a bribe of "I will let you have some soda if you smile!" works wonders every time! In the end I got some super cute pictures...and she got a glass of sprite...we are both happy!

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