Saturday, June 21, 2008

Getting in on the Action

Last night was summer solstice...summer officially began at 6:59pm...hurray! The girls were having a summer solstice party...and Elsie got in on the action too...she would not take a nap so all 10 of the agreed to bring her on a walk...she was sleeping in no time! What would we do without such great aunties?!

Water Fun

Every baby need to play with water on a very warm summer day! Elsie sat in the walker at grammie and grandpa's house and let her aunties pour lots of water over her arms...and loved every minute of it! We poured lots of water right on the tray and let her have fun! After awhile we put her in the little pool...and she loved that too. It is amazing to me that kids never seem to feel the coldness of water!

Friday, June 20, 2008

An Afternoon at the Beach

This afternoon Elsie, Marissa, Emma, Colter and I went the beach. It was a beautiful and very warm day...a perfect day for the beach. We first played at the park than walked over the beach. The kids all enjoyed themselves greatly. They searched for little shells, and minnows and made sand castles. Elsie loved the sand and mud...for a while she was laying on her belly in the sand just enjoying the feeling of running her fingers through the warm, dry sand. I think all the kids should sleep well after the fresh air today...

After i relized how much Elsie was enjoing the mud and water I was wishing I would dressed her in play clothes! Oh well...

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Last night after Elsie's bath we styled her is finally getting long enough to style in a little baby mo-hawk! Jon didn't think it looked to cute and kept brushing it down...but I was just happy it is long enough to have fun styling it!

And She's Off...

Elsie is very mobile now! She can walk every where in that walker! Yesterday as I was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner she kept following me around! Jon just kept laughing and admiring what his daughter can do now!

Elsie is getting super good at walking out of the walker too...we hold her little hands and off she goes! She is getting fast too! When we went shopping a few days ago she kept arching her back to get out of her stroller to walk! We will have our hands full when she can walk all alone! But for now we will enjoy her tight hold on our fingers as she walks along...carefully putting one foot in front of the next...babies grow up far to quickly!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Hard Days Work

All pooped out after a long day...Elsie and Daddy sleeping together on the couch. I think Jon and Elsie are always fighting for the remote...looks like Elsie won on this day. Even as she sleeps she is not going to let go of that remote! Just like her Daddy!

Elsie always gets so excited when Jon comes home from work. Most days we greet him at the door and she kicks her arms and legs and squeals to get his attention! It is a special thing when they can nap together on the weekends! I think Elsie knows just how to melt her Daddy's heart!

feeling the grass between the toes

This whole week had been so nice out side! sun shiny and warm...a nice change from the cold and rainy days! Elsie has been enjoying warm weather...she loves to just sit on the grass outside and look around. We have been going on lots of day Elsie and grandma B. went on a mile long walk and Elsie loved every minute of it!

A very stylish baby with pink sunglasses and a big summer flower!

using our imagination

One day Elsie and I were shopping with the girls...and Elsie was hungry for lunch...right now! I had apple sauce in the car...but we could not find a spoon anywhere! So we made do with what we could fine...half of a rice cracker! as you can see from the picture it did the trick! The cracked did get a little mushy so we then formed the apple sauce lid into a spoon. some days you just have make do and use the imagination!

A little picnic in the car for the baby!

Monday, June 9, 2008

An Afternoon of Bubbles

What is summer without bubbles? This afternoon we introduced Elsie to bubbles...and she LOVED them! It looked like the bubbles kept popping on her nose and tickling...but she liked it!

What a life...the aunties and uncle are always so willing to do anything to entertain and make Elsie laugh...I think Elsie gets enough attention for about 3 kids!

Grandma and her babies

Elsie, Keegan and Grandma...this past weekend keegan and his mama and daddy came for a visit...Elsie loved to watch the baby...and try her hardest to chew of his shoes! I think grandma was in her glory with BOTH her grand-babies on her lap!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Finding treasure...

My favorite season is here...garage sale season! I love the thrill of searching for something...especially if it is vintage...and a good bargain. Jon keeps shaking his head and reminds me that we have limited space as i pull large furniture pieces from the van...but somethings are just to neat to pass up!
Last week my mom and I went to 2 sales...and came home with lots of treasures! Below is a walker my mom bought for at their parents had one just like that when I was little...Elsie can move all around and put her toes on the floor...much better than all the new excersaucers in the stores!
My great sweet...white milk glass lamps...with a little white shade they will go perfect in Elsie's room...very shabby chic...and only $1.00 each for 3!!

Elsie will be the best dressed baby in town! I got her tons of cute summer and fall outfits...all boutique brands and name hill...and nothing over $2.00!

And for me...a vintage jacket with lots of fur! I love vintage coats...but this has to be the best! now i just have to wait for winter!

love the cool buttons and buckle so vintage!

Poison Ivy!

Last week i noticed a rash starting on Elsie's toes...after a day the rash was so much worse...once it began getting blotchy looking i realized what it was...POISON IVY!
how in the world does a baby get poison ivy when she can't even walk? It is still a mystery to us...was it the 4-wheeler rides...the dog...the kids...from someone holding her after touching it? Thankfully it is all cleared up now after lots of witch hazel. She is such a good sport about everything that even this didn't bother her!

on her legs and toes...she also had a bit on her face...

One Mad Girl

I just had to share this picture...this is the last picture of the photo shoot...Elsie was getting bit up by mosquitoes...and the water fountain was getting her wet...and it was past nap time. I darkened the photo to enhance all those little wrinkles...what a face!

A Day at the Park...

Yesterday after church we went to the park in town to take a few pictures of the baby.
We were only there for a short time...but Elsie loved to ride in the stroller and look around.

Before we left the park we went to the water-fountain...Elsie was not to sure...good thing daddy was there to comfort her!
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