Thursday, February 28, 2013


This week I went through
my phone camera
and selected a few for
Embrace the Camera...
Just random photos of the kids and I...
a glimpse into our everyday
glamorous life...
 We co-sleep...
Like the kids have never slept in their
own bed by themselves.
I will admit,
sometimes it's frustrating...
but mostly I find it endearing...
they grow up too quickly to not
savor every possible moment...

 I got dressed in something other than leggings!
That is nothing short of a miracle!
My pants are all too big and fall down...
and it's annoying,
so I just slip into leggings
so I don't have to keep pullin' my pants up!
My size 3 are so close to fitting that
I hate to go buy more!

 I miss my guy...
when he is working out of town
for a couple weeks at a time,
it's makes our days
drag on very
 Baby Love...
I don't think one can ever get
tired of baby cuddles...
 This is how I recharge...
after the kids are in bed,
I like to enjoy a nice hot bubble bath...
It is my very selfish quiet time!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paper Mache {fail}

We thrive on crafting around here.
Some families might thrive on
playing games or reading chapter books or cooking...
our family is a
crafting kind of family.
Our dining room table is always
full of some kind of project.
Painting, sewing, colouring, mod podge,
glue, beads, stamping...
We rarely eat in the dining room anymore
because the table always has a
project or two covering it!
I have a pathetic amount of
craft projects on my
pinterest boards...
Every week I go through them and
write down a few projects for the week.
Some are fun,
some turn out well,
some we stop half ways through because
it turns out to be stupid,
other we fail at {miserably}.
But we always try them.
And have fun trying!
Paper mache was one of those
"we tried it,
it was a flop,
but it was fun"
kind of a craft.
 Because we don't use wheat flour,
we used rice flour.
It didn't work well.
The paper mache just kinda
flaked off and made a mess.
The kids had a blast though while we were
doing the paper mache.
It was messy and gooy...
what kid wouldn't enjoy it!?
Then it dried.
It all flaked off.
I threw it all away.
Someday we will try it again.
With a new recipe.
In failing,
you often get smarter.
We now know rice flour is too
thin for a good paper mache!
Someday, we will figure it out...

Monday, February 25, 2013


I swear I have some of the
kids around.
They leave me completely
on a daily basis.
They also keep life fun
and very exciting.
I love the ages the kids are at...
all the exploration, wonder and freedom.
James is still the wild one in the family.
Oh, how every quiet our
house would be without him!
{and very boring too!}
James is seriously crazy.
and wild.
ans sweet.
and oh, such a two year old!
I love his random kisses several times a day.
I love that he needs to cuddle
every time i sit on the rocker.
I love the deep
love he has for his sisters.
His stubbornness is hard to deal with...
but i know someday it will make him a strong man.
His creativity gets a little much at times...
but i know he will always know how to be resourceful.
His constant bugging his sister is just plain annoying...
I cant come up with a positive for that one!
Lately James has had a thing for taking
a daily bath.
If i tell him no to a bath,
he always smells his arms, wrinkles his nose
and says, 'ewww, stink!'
{he thinks if he can convince me he smells, he will get a bath!}
Gotta love this guy...
Even though he just took a pair of
to his hair!
Always something with this boy!
And then there is
Elsie Jane...
I don't think Elsie and James
could possibly be more
Makes me wonder what kind of
personality Angelina will have!
While James is off being wild,
Elsie is being calm,
quiet and creative.
When she is bored she can always be
found curled up
on the chair with a
notebook and a pen...
writing words!
And now reading simple books all on her own!!
Elsie still has a major love
for the Dugger family...
so when I ordered her a new swimsuit
a few weeks ago,
there were tears.
She wants a Modest Wear swimsuit!
{I say no way!}
One day she was explaining to me
about how to dress
and that skirts above the knee are not okay...
then her brother walked in
completely naked!
So, see what I mean...
my children are quite
I am glad though that Elsie has
her own opinions...
I hope she will always be strong
enough to express her
opinions no matter
what others are doing!
For the most part,
Elsie and James have a very
special relationship.
They need each other.
James is lost when Elsie goes on an outing without him.
He sobs if she spends the night away
without him!
On the other hand,
they can fight worse than
cats and dogs!
I swear on a daily basis,
all I do is referee fights!
One day...
James was running naked through the house
chasing his sister with a butter knife,
and Elsie yelled to him...
"you better stop chasing me
or I will cut your penis off with that knife!"
Needless to say,
I did intervene,
took the knife away, put clothes on the boy,
had a talk about having a kind heart towards one another
and sat down to read
some nice quiet stories!
Elsie has become such an
big sister...
Almost every morning,
it's Elsie's job to put Angelina down for a nap.
Elsie rocks baby while watching
the Brady Bunch
and baby falls right to sleep.
Win, win for all...
baby gets her nap, Elsie gets to watch a show
and I get to put my makeup
on in peace!
For lent this year,
I gave up some of my nightly Internet time...
with the intention of journaling for the kids
in that time instead.
I was sad to discover that I have not kept very good
journals for them.
While the intention of this blog is to be
our Life Journal...
I need to be better about keeping a
handwritten journal for each of the kids.
So, my blog posts might not be
quiet as often.
I usually pre-write all my posts in one evening,
but I might skip a day or two a week
to have more journal time!
{or sewing time!}

Thursday, February 21, 2013


When I first started doing
Embrace the Camera,
James was a baby...
and every week I had to try to remember to
take a self-portrait of one the kids and I...
Now those self-portraits have become
a completely natural thing to do...
I should probably be embarrassed
by the number of
self-portraits I have!
My instagram feed usually has at least
one self-portrait a day!
{hope people don't think I'm vein!}
My little guy and me.
I think he kinda loves me.
the million and one kisses a day
are a pretty clear hint that he loves me.
If I ask him though, he just smiles,
shakes his head and says
he just loves his grandma B...
{I think he just tells me that to harass me...}

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Squishy Baby Cheeks..

Friday my girl will be
4 months old!
How is that even possible?
I remember last year at this time...
I was in the midst of
morning sickness...
I could hardly see beyond not feeling good...
and now look,
my arms are full of a perfectly growing girl...
This week has been a tough one for Angelina.
She is working on those teeth.
She seems so tiny to be getting teeth!
I see 2 little bottom teeth...
her gums are bulged.
The tip of one tooth is through...
still waiting on the other.
Even the trusty teething necklace isn't doing
its trick.
Poor baby.
My heart breaks for her
every time she cries in pain.
Hopefully next week will be a much better week for her!
This little lady has been
rolling over!
She seems too little to be rolling, too!
I had high hopes of her being my little baby for a long time...
looks like she has other plans!
Angelina has been a reaching fool too.
Texting has suddenly become a tough
thing to do!
More than once people have
gotten strange texts from me
because baby reaches out and pushes random
letters while I am texting!
Her toy bar is her favorite thing...
she loves to lay under it and
bat at the toys.
Other than Mommy's arms,
the floor is her favorite place to be...
she likes the freedom to roll over
and be on her belly for a little bit too.
The kids love it when she is on
her belly,
they think she is learning to crawl!
Last week we brought
Angelina to the
Children's Hospital about her clicking jaw.
The dr said she kept looking for
something wrong, but wasn't finding anything...
she is just a perfect girl!
Her jaw sensitivity is getting better with
all the massages I've been doing for her.
They were concerned about her soft spot though...
it is very tiny and almost closed.
I'm not concerned.
The other kids were the same way,
I was that way as were all my siblings.
Her head is very round and symmetrical...
so I don't think there is anything to worry about!
This last month
Angelina had her first big illness...
Chicken Pox!
James had them first, then passed
them along to baby!
She was a trooper.
She was a little fussy but not too bad.
She had a pretty good case...
close to 70 spots!
So I think it's safe to say she
is now naturally immune for the rest of her life!
This girl is now in all
9mo clothes!
She seems to have pretty much
skipped the 6mo clothes!
She quite clearly missed the memo of
'you must stay the baby forever'!
At her last Dr. apt...
 24 1/2'' tall
14lbs 5oz.
A growing girl, indeed!
My sweet,
talkative, giggly
baby girl...
can't help but
love this girl to pieces!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nap Time...

This little lady is getting
to be a tough one to get to take a
It's the curse of the
Ostrowski blood in her...
we all believe we can run on about 5 hours of
I'm that same way...
rarely will you find me in bed before
midnight...and i'm up at 7:30...
and never tired during the day!
Jon is always quick to
volunteer to rock
baby for her nap...
not that he likes the chance to watch a show
and just maybe fall asleep with her.
{Jon has none of the good
Ostrowski he is in bed
by 8 and on weekends, sleeps until
at least 9...and doesn't mind a nap!}
Angelina has always been an awesome napper...
and I think her lack of napping is
actually from
She has been drooling like crazy,
and chewing on fists, toys, blankets...
but she isn't the least bit cranky...
so maybe it's not teeth.
Maybe she just simply doesn't
want to nap!
{what do I know, I'm just the mother!}
At least she is a happy little thing,
whether she naps or not!
When she does fall asleep,
it amazes me what she can sleep through!
One day, baby was sleeping in her
little swing,
James and Elsie were playing
with all their little
instruments right next to the swing...
and she never even flinched!
Guess you can tell she is the
third child!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Week...

I think we all got good and
having Daddy home for a whole week!
It's hard for everyone that
daddy works out of town all week...
but it does make us
appreciate and cherish time
a little more.
 Normally every winter
Jon has some
'slow time'
at work and is able to be home a little more often.
That's not the case this year...
so maybe it's a
good think I had to take it easy
all week so
Jon had to take time off!
Jon is a very hard worker...
he works physical hard work
from before the sun is up till after it's set.
So he needed a break too!
 This was a good week for Jon to be home...
we were able to
celebrate Valentines day together...
and celebrate the beginning of
Lent together.
I don't think we have ever attended
Ash Wednesday services together!
{I am giving up some nightly computer time
and replacing it with journal time!}
 The whole purpose of the week off
was to let my back heal...
I'm afraid that it hasn't worked too well.
I have one more week of taking it easy...
with instructions of
no lifting, bending or pivoting.
{yeah right, I'm a mother!}
So this week will be tough one,
as Jon is now back to work!
On Friday we will decide if I need another shot
  to get me back to normal!
{cross your fingers that doesn't need to happen!}
 This week will be a boring one.
We will be missing Daddy like crazy.
We can't go anywhere unless I have
someone come help us
get out to the van
since I can't lift the carseat.
I went to town a
few days ago and got plenty of
projects to keep us busy.
{I hope!}
 I think we made the most of our week
My favorite was every morning when the kids
had to ask if
Daddy was home or at work...
then had to go running into the bedroom
and check to make sure
daddy was indeed at home!
My kids are lucky to have such a
good Daddy...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sending Love...

I thought I would break with the
No Blogging
streak I appear to be on
and send a little
with our Valentine photo shoot!
A few weeks ago,
my sister Laura came over after church
and took our pictures...
LOVE the way they all turned out!
James was simply just not
into pictures...
so some of them, he is in the pictures,
you cant see him
because he chose to stand
the backdrop!
Dork man.
And Angelina wasn't quite her happy
little self...
the net day she broke out in
Chicken pox...
so in hindsight,
she probably wasn't feeling the best.
Oh well.
We shot over 200 pictures...
so this is just a very small
glimpse at them!
 Mr. Attitude himself...
{he refused to take the tag off his glasses!}

 Sometimes they wear me out...
 Our family would be strangely quiet without our
crazy little guy!
{he was behind the backdrop}

 Love the sister bond
these two already have...

{I just ordered this one in an 8x10 because it is too sweet!}
 The best family pix we could get...
this is the one we used for our
family Valentines...
and a crazy look!
 Daddy and his girl...
these two are SO much
alike its downright

 I'll end with a picture of
the sweetest baby girl around!
This photo shoot was a bit challenging...
but I am SO
with the results...
almost made that mad dash to town for
all the candy treats,
the "mom's loosing it" voice...
worth it!

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