Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Week...

I think we all got good and
having Daddy home for a whole week!
It's hard for everyone that
daddy works out of town all week...
but it does make us
appreciate and cherish time
a little more.
 Normally every winter
Jon has some
'slow time'
at work and is able to be home a little more often.
That's not the case this year...
so maybe it's a
good think I had to take it easy
all week so
Jon had to take time off!
Jon is a very hard worker...
he works physical hard work
from before the sun is up till after it's set.
So he needed a break too!
 This was a good week for Jon to be home...
we were able to
celebrate Valentines day together...
and celebrate the beginning of
Lent together.
I don't think we have ever attended
Ash Wednesday services together!
{I am giving up some nightly computer time
and replacing it with journal time!}
 The whole purpose of the week off
was to let my back heal...
I'm afraid that it hasn't worked too well.
I have one more week of taking it easy...
with instructions of
no lifting, bending or pivoting.
{yeah right, I'm a mother!}
So this week will be tough one,
as Jon is now back to work!
On Friday we will decide if I need another shot
  to get me back to normal!
{cross your fingers that doesn't need to happen!}
 This week will be a boring one.
We will be missing Daddy like crazy.
We can't go anywhere unless I have
someone come help us
get out to the van
since I can't lift the carseat.
I went to town a
few days ago and got plenty of
projects to keep us busy.
{I hope!}
 I think we made the most of our week
My favorite was every morning when the kids
had to ask if
Daddy was home or at work...
then had to go running into the bedroom
and check to make sure
daddy was indeed at home!
My kids are lucky to have such a
good Daddy...

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