Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nap Time...

This little lady is getting
to be a tough one to get to take a
It's the curse of the
Ostrowski blood in her...
we all believe we can run on about 5 hours of
I'm that same way...
rarely will you find me in bed before
midnight...and i'm up at 7:30...
and never tired during the day!
Jon is always quick to
volunteer to rock
baby for her nap...
not that he likes the chance to watch a show
and just maybe fall asleep with her.
{Jon has none of the good
Ostrowski blood...so he is in bed
by 8 and on weekends, sleeps until
at least 9...and doesn't mind a nap!}
Angelina has always been an awesome napper...
and I think her lack of napping is
actually from
She has been drooling like crazy,
and chewing on fists, toys, blankets...
but she isn't the least bit cranky...
so maybe it's not teeth.
Maybe she just simply doesn't
want to nap!
{what do I know, I'm just the mother!}
At least she is a happy little thing,
whether she naps or not!
When she does fall asleep,
it amazes me what she can sleep through!
One day, baby was sleeping in her
little swing,
James and Elsie were playing
with all their little
instruments right next to the swing...
and she never even flinched!
Guess you can tell she is the
third child!

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