Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Squishy Baby Cheeks..

Friday my girl will be
4 months old!
How is that even possible?
I remember last year at this time...
I was in the midst of
morning sickness...
I could hardly see beyond not feeling good...
and now look,
my arms are full of a perfectly growing girl...
This week has been a tough one for Angelina.
She is working on those teeth.
She seems so tiny to be getting teeth!
I see 2 little bottom teeth...
her gums are bulged.
The tip of one tooth is through...
still waiting on the other.
Even the trusty teething necklace isn't doing
its trick.
Poor baby.
My heart breaks for her
every time she cries in pain.
Hopefully next week will be a much better week for her!
This little lady has been
rolling over!
She seems too little to be rolling, too!
I had high hopes of her being my little baby for a long time...
looks like she has other plans!
Angelina has been a reaching fool too.
Texting has suddenly become a tough
thing to do!
More than once people have
gotten strange texts from me
because baby reaches out and pushes random
letters while I am texting!
Her toy bar is her favorite thing...
she loves to lay under it and
bat at the toys.
Other than Mommy's arms,
the floor is her favorite place to be...
she likes the freedom to roll over
and be on her belly for a little bit too.
The kids love it when she is on
her belly,
they think she is learning to crawl!
Last week we brought
Angelina to the
Children's Hospital about her clicking jaw.
The dr said she kept looking for
something wrong, but wasn't finding anything...
she is just a perfect girl!
Her jaw sensitivity is getting better with
all the massages I've been doing for her.
They were concerned about her soft spot though...
it is very tiny and almost closed.
I'm not concerned.
The other kids were the same way,
I was that way as were all my siblings.
Her head is very round and symmetrical...
so I don't think there is anything to worry about!
This last month
Angelina had her first big illness...
Chicken Pox!
James had them first, then passed
them along to baby!
She was a trooper.
She was a little fussy but not too bad.
She had a pretty good case...
close to 70 spots!
So I think it's safe to say she
is now naturally immune for the rest of her life!
This girl is now in all
9mo clothes!
She seems to have pretty much
skipped the 6mo clothes!
She quite clearly missed the memo of
'you must stay the baby forever'!
At her last Dr. apt...
 24 1/2'' tall
14lbs 5oz.
A growing girl, indeed!
My sweet,
talkative, giggly
baby girl...
can't help but
love this girl to pieces!

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