Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekend Away...

Several weeks ago
we made the trek
"down south"
to visit Jon's family.
To get
"down south"
means at least a 4 hour car ride.
Not fun!
When we finally got to the hotel,
the kids all gave a happy scream
and ran circles in the parking lot!

We stayed at the water park in town.
We live in a town with several fancy water parks,
so this water park was a bit boring
with one slide and one kid area...
but the kids still had fun!

The highlight of staying in the hotel
is eating in bed
while watching tv!
We don't travel often
because it simply isn't worth it
when traveling with little ones!
As a result,
we have no suitcases!!
So we packed like some classic rednecks...
in an over flowing laundry basket!
Since this trip,
we have made a point to
seek out and purchase some vintage suitcases!
So, we will now be able to travel in
style with our adorable vintage cases!
James is pretty good at sneaking junk...
like soda!
Traveling GF is always a tricky thing!
We bring lots of foods we normally never eat...
and we go through more
Udi bread that
one should ever eat!

While we were visiting Jon's dad,
James was busy picking some sprouted
Asparagus at the farm...
he later "hid" it
in the secret compartment of the RV step.
Thankfully I saw him do it,
or Jon's dad would've gotten a
smelly surprise next time they went camping!
When we went to the Farm,
Jon's brother and his family was also there visiting...
so the 3 boys got to go in the
Hot Tub with GrandpaS.
Elsie didn't want to get in the hot tub
with just boys!
She is always a little left out
being that she is the only girl!

The highlight of the trip was
making coffee
in the little coffee pot in the hotel bathroom!
Life is all about the little moments!
We do not even own a coffee pot at home,
my kids have never been inside a
caribou coffee,
basically coffee is unheard of around here,
so this was a big deal to them!
{we let them try some, turns out they are like Jon and I and think Coffee is the worlds worst thing to drink!}
They each tried the waterslide...
James loved it and wanted to go
again and again!

At one point baby needed a dry diaper,
so I went to go up to the room and change her.
As I took the key from Jon, he told me the room number.
347 or something.
I got to the room and tried the key,
nothing happened.
I tried a few other doors thinking maybe I got confused,
but none of the doors opened.
I went back down to the pool and asked again...
Jon laughed when I told him where I was...
I was on floor #2...
our room was on floor #3!!
So I headed to floor #3...
tried random doors, still nothing worked.
Found Jon again.
He laughed at my directionally challenged person!
He then led us all to the correct room and opened the door with no
issue at all!
Turns out I went the wrong way after getting off the
After that I was careful to not leave the room
without Jon!

We had a fun little trip.
We will not be traveling again with the kids
until they are able to drive in their own car.
It's not harsh.
My ears and nerves haven't been the same
since that trip.
Basically my kids love trips,
exploring new things, staying in motels...
but they hate the
"getting there part"...
Now that's its been over a month since our little trip,
the awful getting there part is wearing off
and just the fun memories remain,
and I find myself wishing I wouldn't
have declared no more trips.
Maybe if we get real adventurous we will
someday try it again before they
are all grown up.
{yes, he is eating a cucumber on a hanger...
don't ask why.
It's James, so I wouldnt have an answer anyhow!}

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mud Fun...

I am getting terribly behind on
We have been spending our days
living outside
and have had later and later bedtimes lately.
So finding free time to sit and blog
has been difficult!
As a result this week I will be posting
pictures from about a
month or more ago!
Better late than never...
and since this is our
Life Journal
I want to get all our random fun memories saved!
This spring was a very, very wet one!
The kids made the best of it
and spent plenty of time
slashing in mud puddles!
Angelina was taking it all in...
I'm sure she will be joining in on the
muddy fun next spring!
I guess mud boots are optional only around here!

She is a wild woman on her bike!
James thought Angelina would enjoy
being pushed out in the
middle of the mud puddle!
Fun muddy memories...

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Girl...

Elsie Jane...
my happy-go-lucky girl.
She is the reliable one...
always has a plan...
always happy.
Elsie doesn't always like her picture taken,
so it feel like I don't
blog about her nearly as much as the other two.
 Elsie is a major girly girl...
its almost rare to see her with no eye make up
or lipstick.
Its her dream to have a makeup desk!
If she hears someone is going shopping,
you can bet she will want to go...
especially if it means clothing shopping.
Trying on clothes is her favorite!
Her desires include,
dyeing her hair pink.
{her father agreed!}
getting a kid bra
living with her aunties.
 Elsie's mind is constantly spinning.
she is so creative...
all she needs is a piece of paper
and a pencil,
and she is happy and contented for a long time!
She loves to look on Pinterest for
creative inspiration.
And she gives me plenty of grief over all the
pinterest fails we have done together!
In Elsie's mind,
everything is a word.
She is constantly sounding out words.
She will be outside playing and will
come inside to tell
me how to spell some word she was thinking about.
She is counting down the days
till school will start!
She will be doing kindergarten and 1st grade
and is kinda excited!
She loves to learn...
She is still my little girl though
who loves playing with her dolly.
Who loves to cuddle.
Who loves to put her head on my shoulder when we read.
Part of me wishes she would stay little forever...
yet watching her grow,
explore and discover
is a special thing too...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More Fires...

If you so choose to
scroll down,
you will see an almost
ridiculous amount of random
campfire pictures...
This going to be an
'almost' wordless Wednesday post.
I can't do a post with no words at all...
because would just be boring!
 Camo shirt,
camo chair...
I'm noticing a theme here...
 My wild boy.
I would be lost without him...
 My sweet, motherly and caring girl...
 Papa Wayne feeding baby her dinner...

 Tired girl...

 When Jon knows I am trying to
take his picture...
he likes to do his best to make sure
the picture will turn out pretty bad.
He nailed it, here!
so much better?
 Hanging a bird house in the tree...
it takes several guys.
And my little guy is always around and
taking it all in.
scary thought sometimes!

 My kids kinda love me.
 Angelina loves her daddy!

 We love family nights...

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