Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Girl...

Elsie Jane...
my happy-go-lucky girl.
She is the reliable one...
always has a plan...
always happy.
Elsie doesn't always like her picture taken,
so it feel like I don't
blog about her nearly as much as the other two.
 Elsie is a major girly girl...
its almost rare to see her with no eye make up
or lipstick.
Its her dream to have a makeup desk!
If she hears someone is going shopping,
you can bet she will want to go...
especially if it means clothing shopping.
Trying on clothes is her favorite!
Her desires include,
dyeing her hair pink.
{her father agreed!}
getting a kid bra
living with her aunties.
 Elsie's mind is constantly spinning.
she is so creative...
all she needs is a piece of paper
and a pencil,
and she is happy and contented for a long time!
She loves to look on Pinterest for
creative inspiration.
And she gives me plenty of grief over all the
pinterest fails we have done together!
In Elsie's mind,
everything is a word.
She is constantly sounding out words.
She will be outside playing and will
come inside to tell
me how to spell some word she was thinking about.
She is counting down the days
till school will start!
She will be doing kindergarten and 1st grade
and is kinda excited!
She loves to learn...
She is still my little girl though
who loves playing with her dolly.
Who loves to cuddle.
Who loves to put her head on my shoulder when we read.
Part of me wishes she would stay little forever...
yet watching her grow,
explore and discover
is a special thing too...

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