Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mud Fun...

I am getting terribly behind on
We have been spending our days
living outside
and have had later and later bedtimes lately.
So finding free time to sit and blog
has been difficult!
As a result this week I will be posting
pictures from about a
month or more ago!
Better late than never...
and since this is our
Life Journal
I want to get all our random fun memories saved!
This spring was a very, very wet one!
The kids made the best of it
and spent plenty of time
slashing in mud puddles!
Angelina was taking it all in...
I'm sure she will be joining in on the
muddy fun next spring!
I guess mud boots are optional only around here!

She is a wild woman on her bike!
James thought Angelina would enjoy
being pushed out in the
middle of the mud puddle!
Fun muddy memories...

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