Sunday, April 26, 2015

Snow Tubing #1

Now lets go way back to January...
we met my family at the local
tubing hill and had a little fun!
{well, not me because of my darn back!}
This winter was very mild without
much snow,
so it was perfect tubing weather!
Even little Angelina enjoyed tubing...
she didn't even want to come in to warm up!

Elsie was a little cautious and enjoyed going 
down with people until she got the hang of it!
James is the complete opposite of his sister...
after going down one time with someone,
he was begging to go down alone!
Good thing everyone in my family loves kids!

A fun family afternoon...
the kids were begging to go back!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Valentine's Day

its amazing how quickly I get behind on blogging!
I never open the computer except at night
when the kids are all in bed...
and sometimes I'm just too pooped out to
think to blog!
in February, we hosted our annual
Valentine Party!
We had a house full of friends and
lots of sugar treats and plenty of
valentine loves going on!
And lots of babies too!
And lots of toys all over!

I think my kids had sugar highs going on
for a good week...
a sure sign of a good party!


Just a quick little post to share that I am now a
Godmother to my little nephew
I thought I would never be a Godmother to any of my nieces or nephews...
I am {or rather, was}
the only non-Catholic person in our family...
so I just always knew I would never be a godmother.
It never crossed my mind that Ted and Ceara
would even ask me...
so I was rather thrilled!
{Ted and Ceara have recently joined the church we
attend, so now I get the joy of
watching him grow and learn in church too!}

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