Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Little Man...

Shortly before James turned 3,
All I could of was,
Lord Help Us!
He had the 3 year old attitude!
Now that he has been 3
for 2 months,
He is suddenly a changed boy!
I see the light at the end of the tunnel!
James has become quite the little thinker...
he loves to work hard at figuring something out.
He does not give up easily!
His 2 favorite things are 
putting puzzles together
and finding waldo in the 
Where's Waldo Books.
Lately I have heard him complain that his 
little 28 piece puzzles are too easy...
maybe its time to find some harder ones!
He is still wild and crazy...
but now we can reason with him
and he can restrain himself...
which is so, so nice!
Though some days I still loose hope.
Like last week,
when he shoved a little rock up his nose
while at the park!
No clue what possessed him.
And it was shoved up there far...
Just as visions of rushing him the ER
were creeping into my mind,
I was able to push on his nose
enough to get the little rock to 
come popping out.
Why, why, why
do boys do things like that!?
James is my little southern gentleman...
he always calls girls 
And Guys are always 
And little girls are 
Its too cute.
And he started to do it all on his own
which makes it 10x cuter.
So now we have conversations like this...
Me: "James, would you like some dinner now?"
James: "Yes, ma'am" 
{put food in front of him}
James: "Thank ya ma'am" 
Me: {melt} "Your welcome sir!"
James says he is doing school too this year.
He said writing "J" is too hard...
but he can make a perfect letter E! 
And we count...
on the abacus...
because he says that his school.
So we count the beads slowly as he moves
each bead from side to side.
His best buddy is 
his little sister...
when Angelina is napping,
I often find him laying in front of the bedroom door,
asking when she is going to wake up
because he wants to play with her!
Hands down,
my very favorite thing about James,
the thing I pray he never looses 
as he gets older...
his pure joy, zest and excitement for life!
He might put this little puzzle together for the 12th time
in a row...
but every single time,
he still jumps up and cheers when its done!
Last week he saw a container of his 
favorite chips in the store,
so right then and there,
he clapped his hands and let out a Big 
"WooWhoo" cheer and happy dance!
Life is exciting for this boy...
he finds joy in every single thing he encounters!
Never loose that little spark...
it makes you who you are!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Campfires and Play Time...

Now that the days are suddenly getting 
and the evening are suddenly getting chilly...
we find ourselves having more campfires... 
This picture is the exact reason why 
I don't even attempt to have a fire by myself with the kids!
Angelina is learning to 
exert her independence...
and when we don't let her do not so safe things play in the fire...
a crying fit erupts!
Daddy is the hotdog cooker...
I am the baby holder!
All summer Elsie has been working on 
perfecting the 
Monkey Bars!
She can get to the third hung, 
then she kinda freaks out!
Having daddy simply right beside her,
makes her a little more brave 
and she can get all the way across!

Elsie has become the climber in the family...
she loves to climb anything outside!
One of her favorite things is 
pulling down on a tree branch 
and hanging on as the branch wings back and forth!

We love our quiet campfire evenings...
being together is our favorite thing to do...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fair Trip~Round 2...

Bear with me for moment...
More fair pictures!
Going to the fair is kinda a big deal to us...
plus I missed both fairs last year
due to being on bedrest all summer while prego with Angelina!
I am making up for lost time...
We went to this fair three times as well.
The last day of the fair we went with Daddy...
and we did an exotic animal exhibit,
and the Kids Farm Yard exhibit.

They thought the cow milking was pretty neat!

The day before we went with Daddy,
we went with 
Grammie, Papa Wayne,
the aunties, uncle Colter,
Ceara and her nanny kids...
we were quite the crew again!
That evening we did the rides!
James wanted to do the 
Fun Slide...
and Uncle Colter, 
being the awesome uncle he is,
agreed to go down with James!

I think 
Uncle Colter 
made James day!

James is so obsessive 
about the colour 
that he chose to ride in an
orange car with some random girl 
just so he could be in the orange car!

Elsie chose to not go on any rides...
her motion sickness isn't fun!

The one thing Elsie did want to do
was ride on the real pony's!
Note that these are not simply 
real pony's...
these are $5 pony rides...
I had a hard time with that!
$5 to ride a pony!?
But the kids were happy 
and that was all that mattered!

By the time we were ready to 
leave that evening,
Jon was able to meet us at Taco John's
for some dinner...
It was fun.
Now the fairs are all done for this year.
The kids are already 
looking forward to next year!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


This summer we didn't spend nearly as much time at the 
beach as we had hoped we would...
It was kinda a rather chilly summer here...
So when there was a warm day,
we did our best to go to the beach,
even if it was just for a little while.
Our family had a 
Summer Bucket list this year...
on the list was, buy little fishing poles and go fishing...
so we did just that!
Elsie enjoys fishing...
James lasts about 5min then gets bored!

Angelina has quite a thing for dirt.
Perhaps by next year she can 
play at the beach or in the sandbox without
eating the sand!

Good thing we are pretty much the only people at 
the beach...
we have a tendency to take up a large section
with all our stuff!
I will never get tired of this girl's 
At the beginning of summer,
we had big lofty goals of all the things we 
wanted to do and places we wanted to go...
but we soon realized summer is too short...
and kids are only little once...
so our Bucket List was tweaked...
instead of things like 
traveling to the state fair or taking many day trips...
we added simple summer things,
like lay on the beach,
watch the stars,
roast marshmallows...
I'm glad we tweaked it.
We have had a perfectly simply,
laid back, fun summer.
We made some good memories...

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