Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fair Trip~Round 2...

Bear with me for moment...
More fair pictures!
Going to the fair is kinda a big deal to us...
plus I missed both fairs last year
due to being on bedrest all summer while prego with Angelina!
I am making up for lost time...
We went to this fair three times as well.
The last day of the fair we went with Daddy...
and we did an exotic animal exhibit,
and the Kids Farm Yard exhibit.

They thought the cow milking was pretty neat!

The day before we went with Daddy,
we went with 
Grammie, Papa Wayne,
the aunties, uncle Colter,
Ceara and her nanny kids...
we were quite the crew again!
That evening we did the rides!
James wanted to do the 
Fun Slide...
and Uncle Colter, 
being the awesome uncle he is,
agreed to go down with James!

I think 
Uncle Colter 
made James day!

James is so obsessive 
about the colour 
that he chose to ride in an
orange car with some random girl 
just so he could be in the orange car!

Elsie chose to not go on any rides...
her motion sickness isn't fun!

The one thing Elsie did want to do
was ride on the real pony's!
Note that these are not simply 
real pony's...
these are $5 pony rides...
I had a hard time with that!
$5 to ride a pony!?
But the kids were happy 
and that was all that mattered!

By the time we were ready to 
leave that evening,
Jon was able to meet us at Taco John's
for some dinner...
It was fun.
Now the fairs are all done for this year.
The kids are already 
looking forward to next year!

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Tammie said...

I wanted to say Hi, I came over from Instagram and checked out your Blog so I wanted to say Hi so I didn't feel like a true blog stalker!😊Somehow I have a hard time not leaving a comment after reading a persons blog.
I have to say you have a Beautiful family. Thank you for allowing me to stop by and I have to say I LOVE blogs with a lot of pictures. Are you a Photographer? Great blog!

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