Friday, April 11, 2014

Boy at Play

Winter was too long and too cold this year...
and a certain little boy had 
far, far 
too much energy!
So one day we took a trip to the 
local Dollar Store and found some 
dried peas and lentils...
and this little guy
{and his sisters!}
played with the dried food
and little cars all 
Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my 
head around boy things...
when Elsie gets bored I tell her to 
pull out the craft stuff or the dolls or paint her nails...
and boys just don't get into stuff like that!
Boys need to keep busy...
they need to get wore out physically and mentally.
James loves to be building,
hauling, destroying...
he never just plays...
in his mind he is truly working,
doing big important man jobs!
He is an awesome boy...
I love the way his little brain works!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Big Brother, Little Sister...

My kids have an incredible bond...
They have a deep love for each other...
don't get me wrong,
they can fight like they really might 
kill one another,
but their deep bond and love is always there
in the tender little moments...
James and Angelina have a 
very special and unique bond...
he lives up to his role as 
Big Brother...
Angelina views him as her 
I hope that never changes!
James hates Angelina's nap time...
more that once he has snuck in the
bedroom to wake her up because he says 
he gets lonely without all three of them together!

I think I have the 
sweetest little kids around...

Craft Wall

I have slowly been working on 
re-decorating the house.
I have always been drawn to the 
more country/cozy look
with the deep red, black and yellow.
But suddenly that just seemed too dark 
and just didn't fit our family anymore...
so we {ahem, Jon}
painted every room in the house,
So open, so clean, so fresh...
I am totally in love with white!
I am pretty much just using black as an accent colour...
and keeping things simple and stream line.
Our only wall decor consists of 
black boards or 
children's artwork.
My favorite spot in the house is the 
Craft Wall.
We have a huge cork board that 
takes up most of a wall in the living room...
and the whole thing is covered in
the kids art work!
Soon we will be putting our house on the market
again with hopes of it selling this summer...
but part of me will be so sad to leave
our perfect little house!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Phone Girl

This girl is quite the little character.
Love seeing her little personality develop and 
shine through a little more each day.
She thinks everything is funny...
she always has a smile that lights up
her whole face...
and a little giggle that can be heard a room
or two away.
One of her favorite things to do is hide from us 
by crawling up on the bed 
and nestling way back in all the pillows
on the bed...
she blends in quite well...
sometimes if it wasn't for her little giggle,
I would keep on looking else where for her!
Chances are,
if she is hiding,
it's because she stole my phone.
She truly thinks that phone is hers!
She knows just what buttons to push to 
make the phone turn on
or make Siri talk to her...
it really is amazing to me...
she is only one and a half, for gosh sakes!
As soon as the phone rings or makes 
a notification sound,
she looks up with big eyes and says,
and insists you must take the phone!
What I find even more amazing,
is she never ever hands the wrong person the phone...
she even knows my sisters boyfriend's phone...
and everyone in the family has the same type 
of iPhone!
Most of the time when she has my phone,
she requests music...
so we turn Pandora on for her...
her favorite is
Selina Gomez station.
If Taylor Swift comes on,
she shoves the phone at me and whines
until we skip to the next song!
This girl knows what she likes!
And then she dances for awhile...
If she is sitting, 
she just wiggles her upper body and 
moves her hands around over her head...
I have seriously never seen a baby 
move the way she does!
And when she is done listening to the music,
its back to hiding among the pillows!
Love that girl...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Love Party...

Better late than never...
Well over a month late,
Our Valentine Party pictures!
We had cupcakes, rice krispie bars,
candy hearts, popcorn,
red soda, Jello...
all the important sugary foods needed for a party!
We decorated all fancy this year...
we maybe went a little crazy with the balloons and 
but that's the kind of things that good memories are 
made of!

Angelina and her two little friends 
sat at their own little table...
they devoured their cupcakes,
smeared frosting all over 
and maybe forgot all manners and 
ate of each other plates even...
it was adorable! 

Little boys and Valentines parties 
don't always go so well together...
so they would run to the table for a bite or two,
then back to the living room to play...
because that's just the way boys are!
It was a loud party...
probable due to having 4 little boys under 3!
The house was trashed,
toys and popcorn everywhere,
kids had sugar highs going on,
but they had a blast...
they dropped into bed exhausted!
And most importantly,
they have even more awesome memories...
and those awesome memories are really the 
only thing that matter...

Monday, April 7, 2014


We have been filling our afternoons
with a little baking lately!
We have been Gluten, dairy and nut free for several years.
But about a year ago,
I began having some more belly issues with 
bloating and belly aches.
So I taught myself a little self-Kinesiology
to help better understand what the issue was.
Long story short,
We are now staying away from
Corn, Cinnamon and Eggs.
We simply use ground flax for eggs,
nutmeg for cinnamon and 
arrowroot for some corn products.
We have also switched to coconut oil
rather than butter because of the nutrition.
Staying away from corn aslo means no 
xantham gum and making our own
baking powder!
So, we have been experimenting while baking!
These pictures were taken during our last 
baking day with "normal" ingredients...
also the day I got quite ill from the baking and 
discovered all the ingredients that have 
corn in them!
Live and learn!
My kids hear me moving the kitchen-aid 
to our baking spot,
and they coming running with aprons in hand...
they are quite the little cooks and bakers!
Love making fun memories 
of baking together...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sink Bath...

This blog just keeps getting quieter and 
I mostly use Instagram as our
life journal now...
because its far easier!
It seems my evenings have been filled with 
crafting of some sort rather than blogging.
This winter has been a very tough one...
the beginning of winter we exclusively 
stayed home due to Elsie's concussion...
Now for the last several weeks we have 
been forced to stay home due to my 
back issues...
So sometimes we have shake things up a bit at home
or we go a little crazy...
which explains the sink bathes!
bathing the baby in the sink is way easier on my back 
and its something new so it 
keeps them very occupied!
Now Angelina knows that if she smears enough food in her hair,
she will get a little bath...
so I'm sure you can only imagine how often she 
she does that!
Side note:
Please excuse the very dirty cabinets...
our house has been off the market all winter...
so I've been enjoying not having to keep it 
ready for showings at a moments notice!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Daddy and his Babies...

My kids are kinda spoiled...
They have the best Daddy around...
a daddy who loves to play with them,
read storybooks,
bake treats,
take on adventures,
have wrestling matches 
and tickle wars with...
basically pretty much amazing!
Friday's are the best days around our house...
they wait all day for Daddy to finally come home.
Then when we see him pull up to the garage,
the kids go wild...
especially James and Angelina!
Angelina is a major Daddy's girl...
And daddy loves that!
Angelina loves to cuddle with daddy...
some nights she even sleeps all cuddled into
the crook of his arm...
and it melts my heart every single time!

my kids have a pretty amazing daddy as their Hero!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Kinda In Love...

"I belong to you,
You belong to Me...
You're my sweetheart"

I love us.
{Even though we act like dorks 90% of the time!}
We are a team.
                               This is our happily ever after,
and its pretty darn perfect.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brother + Sister Love

These two...
Best of friends...
worst of enemy's.
They giggle,
they yell,
they tease,
they tickle...
they harass,
they drive each other bonkers,
yet cant go more than a few hours apart!

I love watching these two together...
When Elsie was little, it was 
a huge fear of mine that Elsie would never have 
a little brother or sister...
so now that these two are old enough to really
play together and have little conversations,
it warms my heart in a 
way I can never describe...

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