Friday, December 5, 2014

Road Trip!

This seems like forever ago!
I can't even remember when we took this trip...
end of June?
We made the four+ hour trip 
"down south" twice this last summer...
and we had a blast both times.
We found fun little things to do each time.
Jon and I lived "down south" in southern Minnesota
when we were first married,
but we never once did any of the fun stuff...
so its fun to take little vacations there and 
bring the kids exploring all that fun stuff!
Every road trip must have a 
selfie or two of Jon and I!
Our first stop was 
Niagara Cave...
Jon and I had each been there before, but never together.
The kids were so excited to go in a cave...
they talked about it for weeks in anticipation before we went!

The kids loved it and want to go explore some of the other 
caves around that area...
We have cave exploring on our bucket list for next summer too!

We explored into Iowa a little ways...
Elsie wanted to see Amish people...
So Daddy drove past lots of Amish farms for her!
Our handsome driver!
Jon works on the road all week...traveling to a 
new town or state several times a week...
I'm always afraid he will be pooped out and tired of traveling 
by the time he comes home...
but he is always game to bring us on an adventure!
When we travel we are never messy...

Thursday, December 4, 2014

County Fair Time! { I'm back! }

I am finally blogging again!
At least for one night...haha!
I stopped because our computer stopped working...
and since money doesn't grow on trees and a new computer 
wasn't top of the priority list, 
blogging came to a halt!
But, thanks to an awesome black Friday sale
{and a husband who surprised me!}
we now have a computer again!
I was surprised to find so many posts all ready to go...
so I guess I will be posting some catching up on all our 
summer activities while I figure out the new computer and how to 
get new pictures edited and on blogger!
Even though these pictures were just from July,
I can't believe how much the kids have changed...
Angelina looks so "baby-ish" in these pictures compared to now.
seeing these pictures and all the memories 
confirmed that I need to take the time the blog...
this is our Life Journal...
and I don't want to miss any of it!

These pictures were all taken in the middle of 
July at the local county fair.
The kids Love the fair...
we count down the days until the fair opens and usually make 
a couple trips!

The kids each get to pick out a few rides to go on...
but only if Daddy is with...
mommy doesn't do rides!
Angelina was too little this year for rides...
I'm sure next year she will be the first in line for the rides!

The kids all time favorite ride is the Farris Wheel!
They look forward to the Farris wheel all year long!

Angelina didn't think it was any fair that she didn't get to go!

James chose the bumper cars for one of his rides...
he was beyond excited!

He could barely touch the wheel...
but that didn't stop him!
He was smirking the whole time!
I have a feeling this boy will be bad news when he is 
old enough for his drivers license!
James had some little 
cheer leaders to cheer him on!

Look at that little smirk!
All pooped out from the fair...
the last stop whenever we leave the fair
is the Cotton Candy booth...
because no fair is ever complete without 
Cotton Candy...
no matter how close to bedtime it is!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Birthday Boy...

{going back to July, because why not?}
Since we always celebrate 
James birthday on the 4th of July, 
James says his birthday is 
4th of July 13!
Whatever works!
The morning of his birthday,
he woke up to a plate of 
chocolate cupcakes!
And yes, 
he ate a cupcake for breakfast...
because...just because!
My little guy has more personality 
that he knows how to handle most days!
He keeps us laughing...
and exasperated!
He comes up with the most hilarious things to say...
like when he refers to himself as 
"hot guy!"
and  saying things like,
"oops, i gotta take a dump now!"
{not sure how to respond to that one!}

Love ya,
you crazy little four year old guy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last Day Camping!

Last Day of camping...
while we were ready to come home,
we really didn't want to leave yet either!
Camping was way more fun than we thought!
After we finished packing up,
we all hiked up to the top of 
Mt Tom again...
and since we were all packed up,
we all caravaned up the road in 
different cars!

one last try at a family picture...
{kinda another fail!}

Don't forget Margot!
When we went to look at the
Dam in New London,
we left Margot resting on the bikes...
But I guess a gust of wind knocked her over and 
she was smashed to the sidewalk...
the kids were certain she was 
This summer we discovered the kids are now 
amazing riders in the car.
The older two watch a show,
Angelina just sleeps...
so sometimes, Jon and I had nothing 
more to do but keep ourselves entertained 
with selfies!
We are messy travelers!
And I think we are outgrowing our van...
we were 
p.a.c.k.e.d in there tight!
Next time I think we need to pull a trailer for 
gosh sakes!
We have driven past 
Treasure City 
for my entire life,
we always talk about stopping,
but never have...
until our way home from camping!
It was an awesome little stop...
the kids each picked out a fun little 
treasure to buy...
and we spent far too much time 
with all the fun head cut out things!
{what are they called anyhow?}

When we finally made it home,
the Peonies were in full bloom...
it was pretty much the perfect ending to
our first family camping trip!
Can't wait for next year's 
Family Camping Trip!

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