Sunday, February 15, 2015

Christmas Eve...

I had very high hopes of keeping up with blogging now that
we have a working computer and camera at the same time...
but now its just to find the time!
I will admit,
most of the time I am pooped out by the time the kids finally
fall asleep,
so I choose to just relax in bed, laying on the ice pack
and watching Hulu...
my choice of shows being
Hart of Dixie, Nashville, New Girl and Modern Family...
I am still mourning the ending of Parenthood!
Tonight I turned off Hulu and will post about
Christmas Eve...
{now that Valentines day is over!}
This year was a crazy year...
4 weeks before Christmas,
we moved to a new we unpacked boxes we decorated
for Christmas and it felt like chaos!
the day before Christmas eve,
Jon had knee surgery...
so he was slightly groggy and not feeling very good!
But, the kids never seem bother by the chaos...
to them Christmas is magical,
no matter what!
Christmas is BIG deal in this house...
the kids looked forward with great anticipation to the
Big Day!

One of our {many} traditions is the
Lump of Coal...
this is our 3rd year of passing the lump around...
Every year 1 person is given the lump of coal...
then that person gets to choose who to give it to the next year.
This year Elsie chose to give the Coal
to James!
The Coal is a coveted gift in this house,
so James was very excited!
He has already been trying to figure out who he should
give it to next year!
James expression is priceless!
They all really were very happy...
just getting excited to finish with the pictures so they could tear into the

Poor Daddy!
This is how he spent his Christmas eve!
After we finished with the stocking stuffers,
the kids and I headed to church...
we made Daddy stay home and rest!
After Church we went to my parents house for the
traditional Christmas eve meal of
potato sausage!
Poor Jon was feeling so rough,
he didn't even want to join us...
he did agree to come long enough to eat then went
strait home to rest.
Sorry to say the kids were having too much fun to miss him too much!
My family always does a $5 movie exchange on
Christmas Eve...
Everyone brings a $5 movie and we play dice until everyone has one...
we split up into groups...
girls, kids and guys...
I was happy to trade movies with my I came home with
Napoleon Dynamite!
Since my kids were the only ones,
I surprised them with Frozen and a few others...
ironically only Frozen has been watched,
the others still are sealed up!
All but 2...
Well, Elsie snuck into the sister pictures...

Someone said,
"lets pretend to eat, it will be funny!"
so we did...
not sure if its really as funny as we thought it would be...
but we were all laughing so hard!
We are a weird group of people sometimes!
We all fell into bed,
very late,
with a smile on our face and a warmth in our hearts...
spending Holidays with family is a special thing...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Life with a Brother...

These pictures really need no words...
If you have a little boy in your life,
you get it!
These two are actually the best of friends...
if you find one,
the other is always close by!
If James isn't right by Angelina's side,
she runs through the house yelling,
"Jame, Jame, Jame!"
And if Angelina simply runs up town with daddy,
James will get all teary eyed and say he
just misses her so much!
That said,
they also annoy the bajeebers out of each other...
They fight like they might truly strangle the other...
I guess that's just the life of

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bell Ringing 2014

Every year we take a few hours shortly before Christmas and ring the Red Kettle bells for the Salvation Army...
Bell Ringing is something the kids always 
look forward to...
we all dress up as festive as possible!
I am pretty sure James was the very best 
Bell Ringer ever!
James was dancing around yelling out to people
"Step right up and get your candy cane!"
He would also hold doors open for people 
and boldly hand out candy canes and ask people 
to put money in the kettle!
The girls were good volunteers, they were 
just a little bit quieter!
Bell ringing is hard work though...
good thing we brought snacks of grapes and jelly sandwiches!
We were hoping the sound of the ringing bells and 
the festive reindeer ears would make baby Dex want to be born...
but he was pretty cozy in his mama's belly!
Just a little side note...
I just learned that all the money raised from the 
Red kettle drive,
is what sets the funding the the entire year for the Salvation Army...
And the list of everything they do with that money is 
very long...
food and clothing for families, emergency shelter, 
job training...
all in our local community and beyond.
So, next time you have an opportunity to donate to 
Salvation Army,
make sure you do!

Monday, January 12, 2015

St Lucia Day

St Lucia day is a huge highlight at our house...
it ranks right up there with Christmas morning!
We celebrate with a big breakfast in bed...
we have been doing this since Elsie was little tiny!
The girls each wore their Lucia crowns and 
James was supposed to wear his Star Boy hat...
but instead he wanted to just 
lay on the floor and eat his 
breakfast like a dog...
not sure why, but it made him happy!
We always decorate the room with plenty of candles...
and the St Lucia statue...

such fun and special memories being created...

We also decorate gingerbread houses every year on
St. Lucia day...
Usually this is a Daddy project...
but this year daddy was away at work.
We also turned sugar cones upside down and 
decorated a whole forest of trees for our 
gingerbread house...
the kids had SO much fun and 
created a huge sticky mess in the process!

By the time we got done with all the 
bath time was in order!
Love all the special little things are involved in 
the Christmas season...
so many memories...
and so fun now that the kids are old enough
to talk about all the Christmas memories from past years...
All these cozy feelings are priceless.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

a Little Santa Magic

Santa...the magical man...
I hope Santa never looses his magic in my 
children's eyes!
Even Elsie is still truly mesmerized my Santa...
They know that Santa has many helpers
who pretend to be him...
but they also know that the 
True Santa and Mrs Claus
comes to the local bank a few days before 
Christmas every year.
This Santa is clearly the real deal...
The kids always get dressed in their 
fancy Christmas eve clothes and 
fix their hair all pretty and are on their 
very best behavior before going to the bank...
When we left the house, all three of the kids 
announced that were too scared to go sit on his lap...
Angelina was dramatically telling us that she would cry!
However, when we got to the bank,
all three of the kids marched right over to 
Santa and sat on his lap and 
told him what they wished for!
I was a little surprised...first year ever with no tears!
James stood in front of Santa and Mrs Claus talking their ear off for quite some time...
and clearly this is the real Santa because look at how 
intently they are listening to him!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

B/W of our life

Hopefully I'm really truly back in the 
blogging groove this time!
Turns out the computer we bought on the Black Friday sale,
didn't let me edit pictures like I wanted to do...
but, because Jon spoils me,
he gave me another computer for a Christmas/Birthday gift!
A fancy computer...I'm almost scared to use it!
I am so excited to be able to edit pictures and blog again!
I feel a little sad about all our 
Summer adventures that I didn't get a chance 
to blog about...
so I might be skipping around a bit and 
posting summer pictures 
along with our Christmas pictures...
this is our Life Journal,
so I have to document it all!
Happy 2015

Friday, December 5, 2014

Road Trip!

This seems like forever ago!
I can't even remember when we took this trip...
end of June?
We made the four+ hour trip 
"down south" twice this last summer...
and we had a blast both times.
We found fun little things to do each time.
Jon and I lived "down south" in southern Minnesota
when we were first married,
but we never once did any of the fun stuff...
so its fun to take little vacations there and 
bring the kids exploring all that fun stuff!
Every road trip must have a 
selfie or two of Jon and I!
Our first stop was 
Niagara Cave...
Jon and I had each been there before, but never together.
The kids were so excited to go in a cave...
they talked about it for weeks in anticipation before we went!

The kids loved it and want to go explore some of the other 
caves around that area...
We have cave exploring on our bucket list for next summer too!

We explored into Iowa a little ways...
Elsie wanted to see Amish people...
So Daddy drove past lots of Amish farms for her!
Our handsome driver!
Jon works on the road all week...traveling to a 
new town or state several times a week...
I'm always afraid he will be pooped out and tired of traveling 
by the time he comes home...
but he is always game to bring us on an adventure!
When we travel we are never messy...

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