Sunday, February 7, 2016


This will be a post of our fall photo shoot with
no words...
because its getting late and my brain is officially 
shut off tonight.
I was getting ready to post a newer post,
but figured since this was all ready to be posted 
I better get it posted...
you don't even want to know how many 
posts I have sitting in the 
"never posted" file...
Thanks to Instagram, blogging has become a 
thing of the past for me.
Kinda sad though because I love all the little memories 
I have written about on the blog.
Perhaps someday I will blog again...
Life is an always changing thing and blogging is just
not very high on the priority list right now...
Pictures from fall...
Elsie Jane-7 {and a half}
James Hawthorne-5
Angelina Viviana-almost 3
{and a 20week belly picture of Genevieve}

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Baby Four...

I have taken a ridiculously long break from blogging...
such a long break that
baby number four is over half way done baking!
Tomorrow starts the third trimester already!
A few weeks ago we had an ultrasound...
we hoped to find out if baby was a girl or boy,
but Baby was a stubborn little thing and
kept its legs tightly crossed!
Since they also couldn't get a good view
of the heart,
we had to go back in the following week...
at that ultrasound we found out baby is a
Elsie was excited, James was disappointed and
Angelina is still in denial that she will no longer be the baby!
Next is figuring out the perfect name!
We have a list hanging on the fridge...
but Jon seems to find it funny to torment me
and not pick a name!
Hopefully soon he will choose one!
Because this blog is our Life Journal I need to back up and
and write down this little ones story from the beginning...
Jon and I had always assumed we wouldn't have anymore children
because my body is a crazy one and
we had to rely on a natural fertility med for James and
medical fertility meds for Angelina...and I have
a history of rather un-pleasant pregnancies
that leave me on bedrest due to pre-term labor.
So we were moving ahead with becoming foster parents again
with the intention of adopting.
But...God had other plans!
I hadn't been feeling well for awhile, I was upset
and frustrated because I didn't have energy.
I started eating kale to give me energy...
but I thought the kale was making me bloated.
I started sending pictures to my sister telling
her I was gaining weight! haha!
Finally my homeopathic Dr suggest I take a pregnancy test.
My parents were in town one evening so I
begged them to pick me up one.
Much to my surprise,
the test was positive!
I think I blankly stared at the test for a good 5min
before I told Jon the news!
We were shocked, excited, overwhelmed...
A few days after finding out we were expected I woke up
not feeling good at all...
soon I started feeling gushes of bleeding.
I was silently freaking out...
I called my mom and she came to watch the kids
and my sister, Laura, brought me to the ER.
when they did the ultrasound I was so scared...
I didn't want to see a baby with no heartbeat.
I was a whole bundle of different emotions...
I was literally shaking.
Much to my shock,
we saw a heartbeat!!
When I saw the heartbeat I could breath again!
We found out baby was a little tiny thing of just 6 weeks.
We never did discover the reason for the bleeding...
the Dr said it was a weird thing that happened.
I never want to experience anything like that again!
Morning sickness was a pain.
All day long.
No energy, soooo tired and wore out,
nausea, food issues.
I was very spoiled by my sister who would cook for me
and keep the kitchen in order...
and my parents who would often
take the kids for the afternoon so I could nap.
Those first 3 months are the worst!
I still managed to gather the strength to go camping
for the weekend though!
We also ended up moving during those 3 months...
highly do not recommend that!
Thankfully my parents and sisters again stepped up to
the plate and helped out.
I was so out of it during those 3 months,
I could hardly function, let alone move!
The second trimester has gone extremely well.
No signs of pre-term labor this time.
I am un-comfortable with pressure and contractions,
but no pre-term,
so I cannot complain!
Baby is an active little thing...
I can feel her kicking and moving around
and I love it!
The kicks are now strong enough where my whole belly
moves when she kicks!
We have been busy collecting little baby clothes,
hairbows, blankets and shoes for her...
Little girl things are addicting!!
I keep dreaming of what our life will be like with
four little ones...
and 3 girls!
Coming from a family with 8 girls,
I'm so excited to have 3 of my own girls!
We are all hoping the next 3 months goes by quickly so
we can snuggle this little one...
Sometimes God's plans turn out to be the best plans...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Snow Tubing #1

Now lets go way back to January...
we met my family at the local
tubing hill and had a little fun!
{well, not me because of my darn back!}
This winter was very mild without
much snow,
so it was perfect tubing weather!
Even little Angelina enjoyed tubing...
she didn't even want to come in to warm up!

Elsie was a little cautious and enjoyed going 
down with people until she got the hang of it!
James is the complete opposite of his sister...
after going down one time with someone,
he was begging to go down alone!
Good thing everyone in my family loves kids!

A fun family afternoon...
the kids were begging to go back!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Valentine's Day

its amazing how quickly I get behind on blogging!
I never open the computer except at night
when the kids are all in bed...
and sometimes I'm just too pooped out to
think to blog!
in February, we hosted our annual
Valentine Party!
We had a house full of friends and
lots of sugar treats and plenty of
valentine loves going on!
And lots of babies too!
And lots of toys all over!

I think my kids had sugar highs going on
for a good week...
a sure sign of a good party!


Just a quick little post to share that I am now a
Godmother to my little nephew
I thought I would never be a Godmother to any of my nieces or nephews...
I am {or rather, was}
the only non-Catholic person in our family...
so I just always knew I would never be a godmother.
It never crossed my mind that Ted and Ceara
would even ask me...
so I was rather thrilled!
{Ted and Ceara have recently joined the church we
attend, so now I get the joy of
watching him grow and learn in church too!}

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Daddy's Leg...

The day before Christmas eve,
Jon had surgery on his knee...
he tore the cartilage under his knee cap and
his meniscus...
so he was in a great deal of pain for the Holidays...
and very loopy from the pain medicine!
And he is a pretty bad patient...
refused to accept help at all,
enjoyed a beer with his pain pills even though
I told him no,
went outside several times for smoking,
which we wasn't supposed to do...
I swear,
If he ever has to have surgery again,
I will hire a nurse to hover over him at home!
Jon was able to be home for over 6 weeks to let
his knee fully heal...
and we loved those 6 weeks!
Now he is back at work and we are back to
missing him terribly.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Christmas Morning...

My grand plan of blogging more often
was an epic fail.
Oh well.
back to Christmas pictures...
my kids love to look at past holidays and event on this blog,
so I better post these so I don't disappoint them!
Christmas eve the kids left cookies,
milk and orange juice out for Santa...
and they sprinkled the 
Reindeer food outside so those poor 
reindeer don't starve!
{they fly on glitter, so they added plenty!}
My favorite is watching their faces as they come running down the 
steps to find the cookies gone
and packages on the end table...
all wrapped up in fancy sparkle paper and signed 
"Love, Santa"...
such a magical moment...
The kids were so excited that they didn't want to open the gifts right away...
they just held them and soaked up 
the magic and anticipation...
someday the magic will wear off a little...
so for now I cherish every moment of this 
childhood wonder!
Angelina's face shows it all...

Santa left a little Dr kit for Angelina and 
a BB gun for the the other two...
pink for Elsie and the tiniest wooden one for James...
Santa knew just what they wanted!
After Santa gifts and eating a little breakfast,
we passed out the gifts from under the tree...
James was so excited to tear into his biggest package...
a rocking bull!

Frozen barbies! I think both girls opened every 
frozen item imaginable this year!
Poor daddy was still pretty miserable and spend his day 
like this...
{good thing he has some pretty good gift-openers ready to help him!}
That is a house full of Happiness!

After we were done opening all the gifts,
Grandma b and Patrick had to drop off the girls huge gift...
it was too big to hide in our house,
so she kept it hidden away until Christmas morning...
They were excited!!
The rest of our day was spend lounging around in our 
Christmas pj's and eating donut muffins and fresh fruit...
Christmas 2014 was a memorable one...
" Christmas waves a magic wand over this world,
everything is softer and more beautiful"
-norman vincent peale

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