Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sending Love...

I thought I would break with the
No Blogging
streak I appear to be on
and send a little
with our Valentine photo shoot!
A few weeks ago,
my sister Laura came over after church
and took our pictures...
LOVE the way they all turned out!
James was simply just not
into pictures...
so some of them, he is in the pictures,
you cant see him
because he chose to stand
the backdrop!
Dork man.
And Angelina wasn't quite her happy
little self...
the net day she broke out in
Chicken pox...
so in hindsight,
she probably wasn't feeling the best.
Oh well.
We shot over 200 pictures...
so this is just a very small
glimpse at them!
 Mr. Attitude himself...
{he refused to take the tag off his glasses!}

 Sometimes they wear me out...
 Our family would be strangely quiet without our
crazy little guy!
{he was behind the backdrop}

 Love the sister bond
these two already have...

{I just ordered this one in an 8x10 because it is too sweet!}
 The best family pix we could get...
this is the one we used for our
family Valentines...
and a crazy look!
 Daddy and his girl...
these two are SO much
alike its downright

 I'll end with a picture of
the sweetest baby girl around!
This photo shoot was a bit challenging...
but I am SO
with the results...
almost made that mad dash to town for
all the candy treats,
the "mom's loosing it" voice...
worth it!

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