Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Art by Elsie...

This past week has been
a lovely
week off from the blog.
As of last Saturday Baby was no longer
contagious with chicken pox!
She had a good enough case where we don't
have worry about her getting them again!
Today, most of her spots are completely gone even!
My back is the same...
the steroid shot is
happening tomorrow!
Fingers crossed it works well...
I need to get things back in order again
and not plan things around who
can carry the baby for me!
Jon is on vacation all of next week
so I can rest and let the med
do it's thing...
so I may or may not be back to blogging.
Quality family time will be #1...
and we all can't wait!

I will leave you with a pix of some
thank you notes
Elsie drew...
The blue one is Grandma B. and Patrick
the pink one is Grammie and Papa Wayne
Love the detail...
the tie, spikey hair...
but no feet!

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