Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This week is going to be a
week on the blog.
{or maybe a few}
I am writing this late Monday evening...
and it's already been a
long week!
Today the baby came down with
Chicken Pox!
The Dr assured me she will be fine,
and that she will now have
a natural life long immunity
unlike the
long term uncertainty of the shots.
So we have been
spending our time giving a few extra cuddles!
So far she just has a
few spots,
which is normal while being breastfed.
My blog will also be quiet for the next few
weeks while I work on healing.
Ever since Christmas eve,
my back just hasn't been doing so great.
Ive been doing stretches
and visiting the chiropractor.
But the pain doesn't want to go away.
Some days I can hardly walk
so Elsie has to carry the baby for me!
Shortly after James was born
we discovered I have an extra disk in my back
and the disk above the extra one is
bulged because there isn't enough room.
Plus I have a pretty good case of
So all that coupled together,
we descided the time has come to have
steroid injection.
blah. Not fun.
So Jon will be taking a week off so I
can take it easy and
let the med do it's thing!
There are only so many shots I can have
before we have to do surgery...
and we want to avoid that!!
So, we will be taking it easy here.
Doing our best to enjoy this time.
We will find fun in this difficult time.
We are looking forward to a whole week
of Daddy home.
But first we have to make it through
the next week and a half.
I always try to take care of things myself...
I hate asking for help.
But last week we did have to humbly spend 2 nights
at my parents house
so they could entertain the kids so I
could relax on ice.
And all of last week my sister
had to drive over to my house to
spread blankets on the floor for us to sleep on
{my back can't handle the bed right now!}
because I could drag them out!
So we are praying for a better week...
and if not we will make the best of it
The tough stuff is what makes you grow a little more.
{and puts grey hairs on your head!}

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