Friday, January 25, 2013


Friday again.
This week has been
Probably because we have been on the
count down for Friday
so Daddy will be home
after being gone for 2 weeks!
{He surprised us though and showed up
thursday night!}
1. James...playing hide and seek.
We looked for hours
before finding him
in the middle of the living room with
his back exposed!
 2.One of the perks of having a teenage sister
who works at the grocery store,
is being able to text her a pix from the sale ad to
find out if the little local store has what I want!
{They didn't have the pretzels and I wasn't
desperate enough to drive to the
next big town and get them!}
 3. The older kids were pretending the
bathtub was a pool...
so I surprised them and
put Angelina in her little suit
so she could go swimming too!
 4. The kids were thrilled the
baby got to take a
swim too...
and she didn't even have to sit in her
little bath chair!
 5. This week we have had
lots of
Happy Mail in our mailbox!
One day we opened some
ASL flashcards for the kids
and a new wide angle lens for me...
happy, happy!
 6. Our washer is still broken.
usually it's Jon's thing to go the
but, since he was gone for 2 weeks
I had to do it.
So, I cheated and simply dropped it off with the
laundry lady,
and picked up clean, dried and folded clothes
a few hours later.
$35...done for the week
and I didn't even have to lift a finger.
I told Jon I'm in no rush to get a
new washer!
 7. We got a new
phone book in the mail...
so Elsie decided to read it.
She read random numbers out loud until
my head was spinning.
She is funny!
 8. We made Strawberry smoothies
for a snack.
We served them in fancy
china tea cups.
So yummy!
 9. James noticed the new package
of TP sitting in the bathroom.
He took it upon himself
to put it all away...
Love it.
 10. James was helping out
after lunch
by wiping down the counters with a sponge.
Never mind that he was kneeling
in all the food!
 11. I've been having some not-so-fun
back pain lately...
So sometimes I've got
to get creative in keeping little fingers
busy so I can ice my back.
One day I gave them
water and q-tips and had them clean
gunk out of window
Kept them busy for a long time!
 12. One night James slept with
his Dirt Bike book.
Wonder what he was dreaming about?
 13. We went to visit my
Grandma yesterday.
She lives just down the road, yet
we hardly ever make it there!
I need to make it a priority.
James loves going to visit there...
it may have something to do with the big box of toys!
 14. Happy little
Angelina smiles...
 15. We were taking
happy pictures to send to Daddy!
And that is the end of our week.
We are hoping for fun
family filled weekend!

life rearranged


nicole@ said...

what cuties. I am a new follower on your blog and instagram

Gwendolyn T said...

Great photo of your kids with their smoothies, so cute. My man puts toilet paper away the same way. Taking up all the space so nothing else will fit in, and I'm lucky if I can get any back out. We like to send happy pictures to daddy too, but he is not gone as long. Found you from LIfe Rearranged!

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