Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paper Mache {fail}

We thrive on crafting around here.
Some families might thrive on
playing games or reading chapter books or cooking...
our family is a
crafting kind of family.
Our dining room table is always
full of some kind of project.
Painting, sewing, colouring, mod podge,
glue, beads, stamping...
We rarely eat in the dining room anymore
because the table always has a
project or two covering it!
I have a pathetic amount of
craft projects on my
pinterest boards...
Every week I go through them and
write down a few projects for the week.
Some are fun,
some turn out well,
some we stop half ways through because
it turns out to be stupid,
other we fail at {miserably}.
But we always try them.
And have fun trying!
Paper mache was one of those
"we tried it,
it was a flop,
but it was fun"
kind of a craft.
 Because we don't use wheat flour,
we used rice flour.
It didn't work well.
The paper mache just kinda
flaked off and made a mess.
The kids had a blast though while we were
doing the paper mache.
It was messy and gooy...
what kid wouldn't enjoy it!?
Then it dried.
It all flaked off.
I threw it all away.
Someday we will try it again.
With a new recipe.
In failing,
you often get smarter.
We now know rice flour is too
thin for a good paper mache!
Someday, we will figure it out...

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