Monday, February 25, 2013


I swear I have some of the
kids around.
They leave me completely
on a daily basis.
They also keep life fun
and very exciting.
I love the ages the kids are at...
all the exploration, wonder and freedom.
James is still the wild one in the family.
Oh, how every quiet our
house would be without him!
{and very boring too!}
James is seriously crazy.
and wild.
ans sweet.
and oh, such a two year old!
I love his random kisses several times a day.
I love that he needs to cuddle
every time i sit on the rocker.
I love the deep
love he has for his sisters.
His stubbornness is hard to deal with...
but i know someday it will make him a strong man.
His creativity gets a little much at times...
but i know he will always know how to be resourceful.
His constant bugging his sister is just plain annoying...
I cant come up with a positive for that one!
Lately James has had a thing for taking
a daily bath.
If i tell him no to a bath,
he always smells his arms, wrinkles his nose
and says, 'ewww, stink!'
{he thinks if he can convince me he smells, he will get a bath!}
Gotta love this guy...
Even though he just took a pair of
to his hair!
Always something with this boy!
And then there is
Elsie Jane...
I don't think Elsie and James
could possibly be more
Makes me wonder what kind of
personality Angelina will have!
While James is off being wild,
Elsie is being calm,
quiet and creative.
When she is bored she can always be
found curled up
on the chair with a
notebook and a pen...
writing words!
And now reading simple books all on her own!!
Elsie still has a major love
for the Dugger family...
so when I ordered her a new swimsuit
a few weeks ago,
there were tears.
She wants a Modest Wear swimsuit!
{I say no way!}
One day she was explaining to me
about how to dress
and that skirts above the knee are not okay...
then her brother walked in
completely naked!
So, see what I mean...
my children are quite
I am glad though that Elsie has
her own opinions...
I hope she will always be strong
enough to express her
opinions no matter
what others are doing!
For the most part,
Elsie and James have a very
special relationship.
They need each other.
James is lost when Elsie goes on an outing without him.
He sobs if she spends the night away
without him!
On the other hand,
they can fight worse than
cats and dogs!
I swear on a daily basis,
all I do is referee fights!
One day...
James was running naked through the house
chasing his sister with a butter knife,
and Elsie yelled to him...
"you better stop chasing me
or I will cut your penis off with that knife!"
Needless to say,
I did intervene,
took the knife away, put clothes on the boy,
had a talk about having a kind heart towards one another
and sat down to read
some nice quiet stories!
Elsie has become such an
big sister...
Almost every morning,
it's Elsie's job to put Angelina down for a nap.
Elsie rocks baby while watching
the Brady Bunch
and baby falls right to sleep.
Win, win for all...
baby gets her nap, Elsie gets to watch a show
and I get to put my makeup
on in peace!
For lent this year,
I gave up some of my nightly Internet time...
with the intention of journaling for the kids
in that time instead.
I was sad to discover that I have not kept very good
journals for them.
While the intention of this blog is to be
our Life Journal...
I need to be better about keeping a
handwritten journal for each of the kids.
So, my blog posts might not be
quiet as often.
I usually pre-write all my posts in one evening,
but I might skip a day or two a week
to have more journal time!
{or sewing time!}

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