Thursday, March 14, 2013


Friday again!
Best day of the week...
it's the day Daddy comes home!
This week has been a
week because of sick kids...
next week will be better
{I hope!}
1. Last Friday Angelina started coming
down with a cold and only wanted to
I wore her in the sling as long
as my back could manage her!
 2. Last week we got
I am getting super tired of snow,
but this last storm was so
Jon took the kids sledding
on the big hill in town.
They had a blast!
Angelina and I sat in the car and watched...
because everyone needs a
cheerleader or two!
 3. I think we are wearing our
rocker out...
3 sick kids all week meant lots of rocking!
 4. Last weekend was Jon's
We made his a cake then the kids
went wild with the candles...
I think they had at least 40 in the cake!
 5. We tried to get a good group pix,
but Elsie was just starting to not feel good.
Her throat hurt her too bad to even
eat a piece of cake...
poor thing!
 6. We are borrowing a
Bumbo chair...
And baby likes it...
for about 5 minutes.
I think she prefers to be rolling around
on the floor.
 7. If you notice in each of these
pictures of baby,
she has the same toy.
This is a major favorite!
If we offer her 2 toys, she always chooses this one.
If we take it away she cries.
Sometimes she even naps with it!
8. More cuddle time...
that is the best part of sick kids...
they love lots of extra cuddles!
The sore throats and croup filled nights weren't quiet as fun!
9. Since Elsie didn't have much energy
all week,
She did a little online shopping...
She found this Bitty Baby and
really, really, really
wants it.
She had to take a pix and send it to daddy...
begging him to buy it for her!
10. More cuddles...
Can't believe how many self-portrait pix
we did this week...
sure can tell we did nothing all week!
11. Notice the toy again!
She loves that crazy thing!
12. Winter is lasting
around here...
we are all getting cabin fever.
The kids were perched on the counter with the window
wide open...
looking for green grass.
All they found were plies of snow,
taller then them!
13. Yesterday the kids were finally getting over the
cold and had a little energy back...
so we painted!
{and played play-doh, melty beads, coloured and
who knows what else!}
Here is to hoping next week
will find us healthy
and more exciting!

life rearranged


Natalie Jane said...

Your baby is darling! And tell me about winter. SOOO over it!

Stopping by from Insta-Friday :)

Tacy said...

I love that you have a reactions section. I love the overhead shots.

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