Thursday, March 14, 2013


This week we have a good ol'
{super boring}
sick week...
Bad, bad colds.
Super sore throats.
runny noses.
Just feeling lousy.
I guess this is what happens when you spend
the afternoon playing with sick cousins!
Elsie and Angelina both
started not feeling good on the same day.
James is just now getting it.
Elsie bounced back quickly,
and I'm sure James will to.
I was getting worried about Angelina though...
she had such a terrible cough!
One of my sisters went to the local
health food store for me though
and got some
Eucalyptus Oil to rub on her feet and put in the vaporizer.
And some tea and natural cough medicine.
And within the day her cough was gone...
and the next day her normal happy
little self returned!
So happy she is better!
Now we just gotta get James back to normal...
and keep
mommy and daddy healthy...
then we will be ready to get back in our normal routine again!
Though I don't hear the kids complaining
much about all the movie watching
and eating in the living room!

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