Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day of Green...

Being that this is
Holy Week,
my blog will probably be pretty quiet...
We have some fun little
things planned to prepare for
St. Patricks day is a pretty
big thing around here...
We wear as much green as possible...
and eat as much green as possible too!
We always start the day off right
with some tasty
green pancakes and a little
green milk!
 It's a good thing
Angelina is a pretty
easy-going child!
She was so tried that she was fighting sleep
while I was taking her pictures...
and apparently smiling would've been too much work!
 James was just getting over
his bad cold
and wasn't quite his normal happy self...
but he still managed to
get plenty of green on!
 I know I've said it before,
but seriously,
can he possibly get any cuter!?
 And the Green Fashion Diva...
Elsie found this green wig at the store
and just had to have it...
And the blinky earrings and the necklaces...
and don't forget about all
the green eye makeup!
 My kids take
St Patrick's day pretty seriously!
 Green Sisters...
We tried to get James in the pictures too,
but being the two year old he is,
He refused.
Go figure.
At least we got some cute ones of the girls!

 Every year we drive a few
towns over
to the big
St Patricks parade...
this year due to the cold weather,
huge snowpiles and that nasty cold,
it was just our little family
and Ted and Ceara who went.
And because of the baby,
we all sat in our car and watched!
The kids watched out the sunroof and thought
it was the greatest!
 To get a good parking spot,
we had to get there early...
and James got a little bored...
I'm sure Jon was cringing while watching his
car be destroyed and fingerprints
on everything!
James even managed to close his sister up in the
And he called Onstar...
{I didn't tell that one to Jon or he would probably
never let us in his car again!}
 Angelina took a little cat nap
on the way to the parade,
then woke up before the parade started.
She was happy to just people watch...
and talk to mommy and daddy.
She did cry through some of the parade...
because she was tired and couldn't fall asleep without
being rocked to sleep.
Oh well.
She eventually did fall asleep.
 Favorite picture ever!
This is how we all watched the parade...
The kids attracted an
embarrassing amount of attention...
they came home with a little
bucket of candy and
some trinkets and
plenty of necklaces!
Can't imagine why they attracted so
much attention!

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