Monday, March 25, 2013

Hair Cut...

During James last hair apt,
the hair dresser and I were talking about kids
cutting their own hair.
I told her how lucky I was because my kids
had never shown any interest in cutting their own hair.
I spoke about 2 days too soon...
One evening 
{as I was eating a rice krispy treat}
We heard Elsie yelling,
"Come quick, he is cutting his hair!"
We quickly ran into the 
living room and found a 
little pile of hair.
And a sobbing little man.
We didn't even have to say anything to him.
He felt so bad for messing up 
his new haircut! 
 He threw the scissors down
and ran off into the corner to
sob his little heart out.
He loves his hair and is very
particular about it...
so knowing he cut some of it off
was too heartbreaking to him!
Thankfully his hair is very thick
and it wasn't too noticeable!
 I had to add this picture...
I heard the words
'come quickly' and 'scissors'
and rushed in to make sure my kids still had
arms and legs attached...
and the rice krispi bar,
well I sat on it.
and it got stuck to my pj pants.
Later I couldn't remember if I tossed it down on the
counter in the rush or ate it.
Jon laughed, took a picture
then pulled it off my pants.
I am crazy.
Memories, I guess.
"hey, mom, remember the time
I cut my hair and you sat on
your rice krispi bar?"
Oh well.
And for the record,
for the next couple days James kept pointing
at the scissors, shaking his head saying,
"no,no,no,no, hair"
This was a couple weeks ago...
yesterday I took the scissors away
because he was attempting to
trim up the length of my
living room carpet!
So, I kinda doubt this will be
the last post of
James playing hairdresser.
That boy...

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