Friday, March 22, 2013


For some reason this week I was
surprised to find that I
took close to 200 pic!
So this is just a very tiny glimpse
into our week!
1. Cute little lady...
with her favorite toy again!
 2. Too many toys!
The kids seem to think she must have all
her toys dumped out
all around her
every time she plays on the floor!
 3. Green hair for St. Patricks day!
{it was really Elsie's wig, but it sure was fun to play with!}
 4. If you buy your
5 year old
a huge palate of eye makeup,
you might regret it really fast!
 5. Sisters.
They sleep like this most nights.
Too cute!
 6. We were on a mission
to knock those nasty colds out...
We did an
onion poultice to James.
Worked wonders!
 7. Cuddling,
James was enjoying breathing again...
that onion poultice
reduced his coughing and helped with the stuffy nose!
 8. Green Sisters!
The kids got all decked out to watch the parade in town!
Lots more Green pictures
coming later this week!
{I hope!}
 9. Shopping.
Angelina is a super shopper!
But after a few hours of non- stop shopping,
she needed to eat...
and I needed to rest my back,
so we make a good pair!
 10. We are tired of the snow!
 11. Little man has been a
giant pill all week!
2 days ago I realized the reason why...
he has
Hand Foot Mouth disease!
He has probably had it all week,
but being the great mother I am,
It just dawned on me yesterday that he has it!
{mother of the year, I know!}
 12. Happy Girl.
Seriously, she is the happiest thing ever!
 13. Reading me her Bob book...
can't believe how well she is doing!
She is now reading every word she can,
on everything!
Yesterday she was even trying to read the
label on the jelly jar!
 14. I think James
his little sister.
He literally smothers her
with his love!
 15. A peek at Angelina's
5 month photo shoot!
 16. We need a craft room!
 17. This week Angelina started eating
a little bit of
Rice baby cereal!
Such a big girl!
 18. My girl loves her mama!
 19. The kids slept in their own beds,
in their own room!
I don't think has ever happened before.
They are growing up!
 20. Nutmeg pancakes,
homemade lemonade
and jam
for breakfast.

life rearranged

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