Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The kids look forward to
dying Easter eggs all year...
We always blow out the eggs so we can
pick out a few 
special ones to save in the
Easter memory box. 
 This is the first year that
Elsie was able to really help
blow out the eggs...
We blew out 18 eggs...
and I'm happy to say that not a single one broke!

 James tried his hardest to
blow out an egg...
he got a little of the egg white out...
then just kinda washed his hands
in the egg whites.

 After the eggs were all blown out,
Daddy mixed up the
The kids were SO excited!

 Both kids were sporting some
pretty colourful fingers
for the next few days!
 Ever wonder what it would
look like to add
about 4 dye tablets to one cup of water?
Well, now you know:
 Beautiful eggs for the Easter egg tree!
 After the eggs were dry
we got out all the glitter,
colourful sharpies
and some glue...
our mission was to have some
beautiful eggs!
 James got a little
carried away with the glitter...
and I got a whole tube of glitter
flung on me!
Memories, right!?
 Pretty certain that about
14 out of 18
eggs had the name
written on it!
 Angelina and Daddy watched the
egg decorating...

 James new favorite face to make...
a dumb/upset look.
 Every good
Egg decorating session ends with a few
karate moves!
I didn't get a picture of
this year's egg tree...
But we have a lovely big branch
hanging on the ceiling
above the
It gives the house a
fun Spring feeling!

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