Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bunny Ears...

All of last week I had fun little
Easter projects planned.
But, the kids weren't interested in sitting
at the table doing a project when the
sun was shining and there was
mud to play in!
So the only project we managed to get done
was a cute bunny face...
we did it on Saturday afternoon
while Jon was running errands in town.
Nothin' like waiting till the last minute to get
some Easter projects done!
I took lots of pictures in hopes of
getting a super cute pix of the three kids together...
It was pretty much a failed attempt!

Angelina decided that her bunny ears were
pretty yummy!

My kids always have to take crafting to the next level...
I'm glad they are creative,
but to be honest,
sometimes its kinda annoying too.
In the end most projects come out way different than
they looked in the tutorial!
Like the bunny face masks.
Before I knew it the kids had
sharpies out and were making
purple and orange
hair all over their bunny face.
They were happy with their funky bunnies though...
And I guess art is a statement about the artist...
so I guess I will just keep my mouth shut
and embrace their

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