Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Baskets...

I love prepping fun little things for Holidays.
I love creating fun little memories for the kids.
This year for the grandparents
we created a cute little
Peep Bouquet...
 Turned out pretty cute...
even if half the peeps were upside down!
 This year the Easter Bunny
did a lot of online shopping for the perfect
little treasures to fill the baskets with!
 We pretty much do the same things every year...
the kids know it and love it!
One of the things is a special book...
growing up I always found a book in my basket,
so I wanted to carry on that little tradition.
Elsie found One Morning in Maine...because
she has a loose tooth just like the girl in the book...
and the author is one of my favorites!
James found The Biggest Bear...
because its a true boy book and it has a gun!
Angelina found Baby Listens...
simply because the pictures are by Eloise Wilkins
and ya can't get much better than that!
All the kids love their books!
 We always do socks and shoes too...
{and a few other things like nature books!}
This year the shoes were new
Mud Boots!
And Minnetonka's for baby...
 Last year the Easter Bunny was pretty
sick with morning sickness and
didn't hide the baskets...
this year they got hidden though!
Elsie found hers in the tub!
 And James found his in the stove!
 Happy little kids!
On a sad note...
my kids truly believe in Santa and the Easter Bunny...
But this year Elsie came to me all sad
and said she knows there isn't a real
Easter Bunny.
{break my heart...she is growing up!}
"I wish I was little and didn't figure out
YOU were the Easter bunny. Now it just isnt' fun anymore!"
were her exact words.
I had to write them down...
she is growing up too darn fast!

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