Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Day...

The night before Easter
Jon and I stayed up late to make sure everything
was perfect for Easter day.
We even laid the good Easter clothes
out in piles on the foot stool in our room
just to make the morning go smoother.
But even with all our extra prep,
we still managed to be late.
We were literally running out the door as
Jon slipped into his good shirt...
in fact we got there so late,
we had to sit in the
very. front. row!
Thankfully the kids sat great...
Elsie is always good,
James is still learning...and boy, can be a
slow learner sometimes!
Angelina does good too...
most of the time she just people watches...
occasionally she needs to nurse for a few
minutes, but at least she never cries!
After Church we attempted
{and failed}
to get some pictures of the kids.
And we had to get some of
Angelina with her basket since
it was her very first Easter!
The night before Easter,
Elsie was able to stay up late 
so we could put some rags in her hair...
she wanted very curly hair for Easter!
Such cute sisters...
even if Angelina was about to fall asleep!
James loves to dress up in his
"fancy" clothes...
his fancy clothes pretty much consist of any
top with a tie or bow tie.
and spiky hair!
He wanted to dye his hair Easter looking,
but we convinced him just
spiky hair was good enough!
Our family on Easter...
Love this picture!
{and James!}
3 were missing though.
Ana was home in Blue Earth
Jessica was on her way over
and Lisa was in NYC on a school trip.
{and my mom, she took the pix!}
My babies and me...

We are all just a little crazy.
But very fun!
{I don't like this pix of me though...
is it just me,
or does my hair look like a dark hair
dolly parton!?}
Like any family holiday,
there was plenty of food!
No one went away hungry!
All the girls
{plus James}
minus 2 sisters...
not a bad looking group of girls!
The guys.
Minus one bro-in-law,
2 grandsons
and 1 boyfriend.
A good lookin' group of guys too...
The two on the ends are my favorite guys though!
We ended the afternoon by
going to Grandma B's house.
She had a fun little
egg hunt and hid  Easter baskets for them.
James was so excited to start the
Easter egg hunt
that he didn't even want to
take his coat off!
Elsie is usually pretty reserved,
but she really got into the
egg hunt too!
Grandma B. read some clues
to help them find their baskets...
Elsie found hers in the dryer!
James found his basket in the stove...
Grandma B. wrote a cute little
poem for the kids
I thought it was pretty sweet.
I remember my mom doing the
same thing for my sisters and I when we were little...
Jon and I are lame parents.
We simply told the kids
'your basket is hidden, go find it!'
We all had a full and fun
We got home late.
Ate too much food.
Consumed way too many sweets.
Drank way too much kool-aid.
We all dropped into bed
tired but with our
hearts full!
A fabulous Easter.

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