Tuesday, April 9, 2013


A few weeks ago
we introduced Angelina to the wonderful world of
solid foods!
She loves food!
So far she has only had cereal mixed with
or Peaches.
She love it all.
No icky faces at all!
{Don't ya love this super awkward 'tasting the first bite' photo!?}
Angelina gets both Breakfast and Dinner.
Just a few days ago was the first time
she got excited to see the bowl of food coming her way!
She started squealing and kicking
her arms and legs...too cute!
I can't wait to start making her some baby food to freeze!
But first we gotta find that baby food grinder...
how does one loose a bright blue baby food grinder!?
We also have started to put fruit in the
mesh snack bags for her...
she loves it...
she literally attacks the bag to get the fruit out!
She is seriously growing up too fast lately!
Such a happy little lady...
with a very full belly!

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