Thursday, April 11, 2013


I swear,
I've got some of the sweetest
little ones around...
{that is when they aren't driving me
Elsie has become such a
Big Kid,
that it shocks me...
where does time go!?
Now that Elsie has learned to read,
she is constantly reading texts over my shoulder...
and its annoying!
I aways text people while laying with the kids
for bedtime...
so now Elsie just reads whatever words she can
instead of falling asleep!
Gotta remember to keep the
Christmas lists hidden aways this year now that
she can read some words!
Elsie is a planner and a saver...
she has been saving her pennies and
working towards a goal...
an American Girl Bitty Baby...
she even did some jobs for Grandma B. to earn some money!
She now has enough and is counting
down days till we can go to the
Mall of America and get that new doll!
Now that the snow has melted
the kids have been out riding bikes...
it has become clear Elsie is ready for the training
wheels to come off...ya know
since they are upside down on the bike!
One day it was windy outside while the kids were
out playing...
the kids came in and Elsie said,
"oh wow, its so windy out our toys almost
got winded away!"
Both the kids love getting the special treat
of soda.
James calls all soda Coke...
so he always wants an
orange coke or a clear coke!
Always makes us laugh!
This year is the first year both the kids
kinda understood the meaning of Easter.
The kids have both been hooked on talking about
Jesus on the cross.
Every Sunday James fully expects to
see Jesus sitting in church.
James has 2 favorite parts in church...
putting money in the offering plate
{or the big bowl as he calls it}
and Communion.
He knows just how to cross his
arms as we walk up for the blessing...
and he looks so darn cute!
One day James was looking out the window
and jumped up and started yelling,
"See Easter bunny in tree!"
He was SO excited.
What he saw was a squirrel.
I didn't have the heart to tell him different.
I really do have the coolest kids.
They are at fun ages.
The excitement and simple joy and silliness 
of children is very contagious.
I have a very full and happy

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