Monday, April 15, 2013

Little Guy...

A few weeks ago we picked up
this fun little
musical instrument from the thrift store...
it's perfect for James,
he can sing at the top of his little lungs
and beat the little hammer things to the
wood with all his might!
James has been changing so much lately...
becoming more grown up
and turing out to be such a boy!
We have been teaching him how to be a
gentlemen to girls.
He always holds the door open for Elsie and I...
and he always has to help do the
'boy chores' like bring out the trash.
And he always has to put the lid down on the
potty when he is done,
"for girls"...
and he gets upset when daddy or uncle Colter
forget to put it down for girls!
One day while eating popcorn
James picked all the pieces into several little tiny crumbs...
then got a couple truck matchbox cars
and loaded all that popcorn up
and hauled it across the table!
One afternoon James took all the toy baskets
off the shelf in the living room,
then he pulled all the wooden shelves out of the shelf...
and he used them for lumber to
"build" himself a little fort.
Its sad to think that in just a few
short months my little guy will be
He is growing up too fast.
Why do kids do that?

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