Tuesday, April 30, 2013


A few weeks ago while thrifting,
we came upon some fun
stencils...just a set of three.
Then a few days later,
while thrifting at another store,
we found the whole set of stencils!
I remember having the same set when I was little.
Elsie has been loving the stencils...
especially the letter ones!
 Elsie spend all afternoon making this
special card for her
only girl cousin, Lydia...
but then something didn't turn out quite
as perfectly as she wanted,
so Lydia never did get the card!
 I love watching my girl create.
And I love her love of words.
She is always asking me how to spell something.
She is getting better and sounding out words
and figuring out to spell on her own.
I love the way little kids write the way
they hear something said!
 My little perfectionist.
Lord help us!

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